Friday, December 26, 2008

... #4 ...

Well Dave and I did take a break and had every intention to wait until his dad went home in Feburary to go back and start again. But then in December something inside was telling me to go for it. I started taking meds again to start my period.
On December 16, it began.
December 18th I was checked and no cysts! Yippee!! So I was started on 3 vials of Menopur a day. Same as last cycle since we had such good results..finally! Still lots of eggs on each side.
December 23rd, 4 eggs growing strong! 12.4, 11.3, 12.6 and 10.3. All on the left side. Whew, thank goodess the right side decided to take some time off!
Dr. K then reduced my intake to 2 vials for 2 more days, as he didnt want to hyperstimulate the eggs and have too many. Thank goodness, me either!
December 26th, Dave came with me to check things out. 19.6, 17.4, 16.3, 15.4....still 4 good eggs!! Yipee!!
So we trigger tonight and have our 4th IUI with 4 eggs on Sunday, December 28th. And then keep our prayers in full force for 2 weeks.
Wow what a wonderful way to start the new year!!

... Updates ...

So I didnt start my period back in September and did have to take meds to start it.
We had 3 good eggs in October...all great size.
Had the IUI (Ill elaborate on that later) and got my period BEFORE it was even due.
Went in to get check and low and behold...cysts! Suppose it was bound to happen, we had many cycle with no cysts and sometimes your body just says enough!
So we went on a break. We had to take a month off anyway and go on birth control. But I advised the Dr. that we were wanting to take sometime so birth control wasnt necessary. Plus Daves dad was coming into town so we were going to hold off until he left in February anyway.
Now, about that IUI! WOWSA!
It was someone new who performed the procedure. At first she didnt think she had it in right. So she "repositioned". It was a bit unconfortable but nothing I couldnt handle. By the time I got to work it was getting more and more intense. I went to the rest room and was bleeding a bit. I called the Drs office. They said it was normal and so was cramping so to take some aspirin. About an hour later I was almost doubled over in pain. I finally had to go home cause I could barely walk. As I drove home I made Dave talk to me the entire way cause it hurt so bad and I was crying. When I got home Dave had to help me undress and put me in bed. I later woke up and had Dave call the dr to see what else we could do. I was able to take a nice warm bath, and if I could have stayed in there forever I would have!!
As the days pasted the pain got less and less. But it took about 3 days to be fully funcitional again. Man oh man did that hurt!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

.... Mini break ....

Well, I started my period the day after we got to Kansas for the family reunion. So we are going to have to skip one cycle as I couldnt, obviously, make it to the doctor by cycle day 3. At first I was a bit frustrated, but I realize it is all in Gods timing and maybe he was saying I need to take some time off. Plus one month isnt a big deal in the big picture. So once I start my period again, hopefully around Sept 13, we will start the process all over. I am going to push to be a bit more aggressive as we only had 1 good egg again this last IUI. So #3 is always my lets hope IUI #3 is the one (or two) for us!!!

.... I told her ....

Well I told Mindy about our adventure. She is moving to KY in October so I felt like I need to let her know. Though I wont be sharing information willy nilly, it is good to have to know that we are going through this process. She said that she already had an idea, cause it isnt like me to just not "take action". LOL

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

... If only ...

So keeping this a secret, and a BIG secret at that, has its moments! Here are some funny ones, once I look back on it.....

1) Family 4th of July - I just happen to have to use the bathroom right when everyone was sitting down for dinner. So I couldn't be too discreet about that! No quietly sneaking away.

2) Movie night - Went to see the premiere of HellBoy 2 with Dave. Had to "shoot up" in the bathroom. A bit scary, for sanity reasons. Kinda comical when 2 teen girls where in there and could possibly see me through the cracks in the door (you know how nosey teens are!) I am sure I was a topic of giggles for about 10 mins!

3) Weekend at the parents - Staying the weekend at my parents. I had to hide the meds in the fridge (under the lettuce of course). Then "shot up" downstairs, before my shower. The kicker that weekend was when we were trying to leave Sunday morning. We needed to be outta there by 10-1015 at the latest. We had a Dr. appt at 1130. But of course my parents didn't know that and we couldn't rush out and have it be obvious. So my dad wanted to smoke 1 more cigar and show us a couple more pictures and chat just a bit more! AHHHHH. Dave and I laughed about it afterwards!

4) Mother's worry - So my mom knows I have been working non stop. She is afraid I am going to have a melt down. She says I seen very emotional lately. LOL if only she knew the hormones that I am injecting into my body. One day she will understand. And honestly, Dave says I am not "that" bad. But after all, he does love me.....and knows in this "fragile" state I may just whop him one!!! hahahaha

So there are some funny moments for sure. I am anxious for everyone to start reading this blog and then my mom will have the infamous "a ha" moment and it will all connect. Though I am not sure if I could ever keep something secret again, cause she will be on the lookout for sure!!! Love you mom!

... Round #2 ...

So we up'd the hormones this time. Yea me! Poor Dave! lol Still only got one good egg. But one is all it takes right! Dave's #'s are great! Which just drives me crazy that the Canadian docs had him on those meds for so long, yet now he is shining!! Now if we can get me to produce more than one egg, that would be wonderful!

So we had our 2nd IUI on Saturday, August 2nd. I had to go by myself this time, as Dave had to work. It was surreal being there by myself. But I managed. I had a good book, so that was nice. Procedure went beautifully. Dr said my mucus was great quality and cervix nice and open. All good signs! Yippee!!

So now we wait again! We should know something while we are in Kansas. But wont be telling anyone until later on. If no pregnancy, I need to start no earlier than the 17th so I can get into the dr's. Otherwise we will have to skip a month. But I suppose that could be a good thing too. So I am trying to keep an open mind!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

... Onward and upward ...

Well after starting my 2nd round of injectibles and seeing the Dr. a couple of times he realized that my eggs were not growing as they should. Not necessarily a bad thing. Body just says WHOA...too many hormones, I am shutting down production!! So this cycle ended with no IUI. Dr. K says to not "count" this cycle. So really we have only done 1 round. He put me on meds to start a new fresh cycle.

Today I got that new fresh start. So I made the same call that I have made several times! Here is to hoping this cycle works and while in Kansas good news comes our way!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

... Moving forward ...

Well, the days of being careful what I lift and caffeine free cokes are no longer!! IUI #1 failed. I hate to say failed, because maybe it was just a trial run. After all, it was my first round. They hadn't worked with my body before. So now they have. I have higher hopes for this round.
We are being more aggressive with the injectables. Hoping for more mature follicles. I still have lots on each side, with no cysts (which can happen after any round of fertility drugs), so that is great news!
I started my second round of injectables on Friday, July 4th (happy independence day). Again, I had a wedding, again at Arden Hills. So AGAIN, Dave drove the drugs to me and I shot up AGAIN in the parking lot! Funny to start round #2 the same way we started round #1!
The second day of shots we had supper at my parents house for 4th of July! So I had to scamper off to the bathroom, just as everyone was sitting down for dinner, of course! Oh well. One day they will find out the truth, and we will all look back and laugh!
So here is to fingers crossed on round #2...maybe it will bring 2 babies!! April, what a good month to have babies (and anniversary's!)
I go back in on Wednesday, July 9th for a followup ultrasound.

Round #1

We had our final ultrasound on Father's day. I thought Sunday's would be slow, but apparently not! I got a little jumpy when the doctor was running late due to a delivery that morning. We had to make it up to my dads for breakfast around 1030. Keeping secrets can sometimes be tough and stressful work! Whew. We made it! Sadly, we only had 1 good mature follice. But it only takes one right!? So we did the trigger shot on Monday night. Dave did wonderful, of course!

We went in for IUI #1 on Wednesday, June 18th at 840am.
We dropped of the "specimen" and went and had breakfast at Mimi's cafe. What an experience eating breakfast and waiting for "the" moment. Hoping and praying that we dont have a repeat of last time and that all the numbers are where they should be.
Once we got into the room, it was a surreal moment. Thinking this could be it. Weird to think conceiving a child would take more than one person, let alone in a sterile room with bright lights. The Dr. was nice. One we hadn't seen before. After the procedure, which took all of maybe 3 minutes, it was a relief and stressor at the same time.
Dave and I joked around, saying "was it good for you?". Then he was gonna take a nap!! hahaha
I am so lucky to have such a supportive and involved husband. There has been many times that we have gone in to see only women, with no partner, being seen. Though for some that may be a personal choice.
We prayed over my belly in hopes that a baby would soon be growing in there!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

... Almost time ...

I went in for my second ultrasound on June 12th. 10 eggs on each side, only 1 of which looked promising. Which is good news cause I didnt want 12 babies, 1 is fine by me!!

Went in for 3rd and final ultrasound on Father's Day, June 15th. Dave got to go with me, which was neat for him! Another egg on the opposite side was found and VERY promising! So that is great news!

I took my final fertility shot on June 15th and Dave gave me my HCG trigger shot (basically a "make her ovulate" shot) on Monday, June 16th at 8:50pm. He did a fantastic job. I couldnt ask for a better partner in life. I wouldnt want to share this experience with anyone else!

Our IUI is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 840am, June 18th.

I am excited, nervous and anxious all in one. I know that God's plans are the best plans. I trust in them.

So here's to baby rattles, sleepness nights, poopy diapers, baby smiles, and FINALLY telling my family that we are in fact....PREGNANT!!!

** Unless of course they havent killed me by the time they read this blog and realize we have kept them in the dark for the past 6 months!**

We love you guys!!

... Game on ...

So finally I got my period! Went in for a CD (cycle day) 1 internal ultrasound! What fun that was!

We started injections on Saturday, June 7th. Very interesting since my first shot was in the middle of a wedding that I was assisting. I had to tell the head photographer that I need to step out to take some medication. He wanted details, but understood. Guess he has been through it too. So that was reassuring. Anyway, my wonderful husband, drove the refridgerated medication over to me and I gave myself my first fertility shot in the parking lot of Arden Hills in Dave's car. Interesting to say the least!

Then I left for TN so I had to put all my meds with a cold pack and bring them on the carry on. Imagine how nervous I was bringing needles on board!! It ended up okay, except for that once we landed the ice pack was no longer cold, so I had to get some ice at the gas station and put it on the meds. Again, it all turned out okay. While in TN I had to stay up to 11pm EST, so that it was 8pm PST, since they had to be given at the same time each day. Whew! Then on the way back to CA I had to give one of my shot while on the plane!!! You read that right....ON THE PLANE! In the bathroom! It was strange, but I made it work!

Whew, this baby better be worth it! (which I know it will)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...Still waiting....

Well, just when we get the go ahead test wise, my freakin body decides...NOPE....I dont think I will ovulate this month!! Stubborn thing!! Grrr.. It is so frustrating.
So since Dave's insurance will change at the end of June we have decided to go ahead with the fertility drugs next cycle. Hopefully things will go smoothly. He gets to literally "poke" me after all!!
Finger crossed for a March baby! Great month...after all, mama was born then! What a birthday present that would be! :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

...Its a GO....

Well Dave got his test results back. As we expected all is well. Thank goodness!! I NEED my hub here!! :) Come to find out (which the nurse had basically told us she thought was the issue) that one of the machines that they used for the testing was not calibrated correctly. Apparently we weren't the only ones who were disappointed by this "little" mistake!!
SO this means that next cycle we are a GO!! I am now on cycle day 9. I will start testing this weekend and hopefully sometime early next week we will be in the doctors office "making a baby!".
The nurse that assisted us last time has been wonderful!!
We are determined ... we only have 2 cycles for this to work, with it being paid for. Dave's insurance will change at the end of June...which REALLY bites! But with the thinking positive, we wont need to worry about the caught ....
cause we will be 'with child(ren)'....1 or 2 is good by us!! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

... Waiting game ...

So our last IUI was cancelled. Our hope was to do a non-med cycle next one. Well my period has come and gone. Though I must say it was 32 days, which is awesome! We emailed the nurse to let her know. Dave's test has still not come back. Therefore we can not do another IUI until we get the results back. It is very frustrating. Sometimes I just feel like giving up. Like walls are thrown up at every turn. We were told it should only be a couple of weeks to get the results, obviously not. It is just so disappointing! Just trying to keep our faith strong and just know that His plans are the best ones. Chin up! (sometimes easier said, than do)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

... Disappointment ...

So Dave and I arrived at the hospital at 730 am on the morning of March 12th, 2008. We checked in, delivered our "boys", got our color assigned to us for the day. (Everyone who comes in for an IUI gets assigned a color. So everything has your color on it and nothing can get mixed up) Our color was "power" orange, as the receptionist called it.
Then she said we could go have breakfast and come back in an hour. During that hour they would spin or wash Dave's sperm to retrieve only the best ones. Once that happens they call it a concentrated form.
So Dave and I went to Coco's for breakfast. Weird to sit there thinking, wow, in one hour we will have done this!! It was surreal. Finally, after so long, this could be it. We were taking action. If felt really good!
On our way back I cant even explain. Nervous to find out what the concentrated count was, anxious to actually get in there and get it done, excitement that this could be our time!
We got back and they called us in. The nurse had "our babies". She even said, "One of these is going to make your baby!" Oh how wonderful to hear that. So I got undressed, Dave sat down and we waited. Staring at the tube that potentially held our babies!
Then the other nurse came in. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and she said, just wait and have a seat. I knew from the tone in her voice and her body language, this wasn't going to be good.
It is all a bit of a blur now but she proceed to tell us that a test that Dave had done came back inconclusive. So it was sent off to the health department. The same test that Dave, himself, had called about since it was sent off and was told it was normal. Well this HPLV test which has been linked to HIV and Leukemia is what the problem was. Since they didn't have this test back as a negative they could not do the insemination. I was devastated. Not only was this not happening today they were telling me that potentially my husband, my world, may have a life threatening disease. I broke! I can handle, for the most part, not having children. But I cant live without my husband. He is my breath everyday.
The nurse felt really bad, she even went and checked what she could do. We made sure that the sample didn't leave the room. I covered my tear drenched face as I heard her "dump" our "babies" into the bio waste container. It was heart wrenching. We had gotten so far and were just blindsided by a brick wall. She assured us that we could still do a non medicated cycle next month and try again. But until they get the test back we were put on hold for insemination.
So we left the hospital broken. I "fixed" myself as much as possible, I didn't want to go into the waiting room and have other hopeful couples feel our loss.
The good thing that did come out of all this....Daves count was 49 million concentrated (55 before spinning). So that is wonderful news!! Much more hopeful since he has been of that stupid medication and had the lowest count ever!!
We know and pray in our hearts that God has the ultimate beautiful plan for our lives. But sometimes you just have to cry it out!

... Surge ...

So here it is...

the surge happy face!

I got this on March 11th. Meaning March 12th we would go in for our first IUI, non-medicated. Dave and I were so pumped! Dave's dad was coming into town that day, so our day was going to be jam packed. I called the Dr. on the 11th. The appt was set for Wed. March 12 to be in the office at 740. Dave made his "deposit" at 640. Then we would go in for the transfer at 840. We couldn't believe that this could finally be it! Ecstatic doesn't even begin to describe how we were feeling!

... Poke Me ...

So on Friday March 7th we took our Injection class. It was interesting to say the least. We were in there with one other couple. They went over the meds, how to prepare them and inject them. There are 2 kinds. One that I would be injecting myself, for 5-6 days, then I would be checked to see the follies. When they say, Dave then gives me the trigger (time to O) shot in my rump. He even had to practice giving me one. It was odd, but he did FANTASTIC!!! Even the nurse was impressed.
So the plan was still to do the non-medicated this cycle, then if need be, move on to the injections next cycle. Though Dr. K has me on a Clomid, Injections mix since my follies produce alot.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

... 1st Doctors visit ...

K, so I LOVE our Dr. that we saw. Now I know that they are on a rotating basis, so we may not always get him but he was great!
Anyway, we went in on Friday, Feb. 29th. Dave and I went into the room. The dr. gave me a pap and breast exam. Yes even with Dave there. Then he did a vaginal ultrasound. Oh what fun! Actually the HSG was much worse. It showed my uterus and ovaries. It was amazing. He did see what he felt may be a small polyp but didn't seem too concerned since it didn't appear on the HSG. My ovaries were full!! They had 9 follies on one side and 12 on the other!! WOW. I said is that good or bad? He said... "Good if you don't mind twins!" Unmedicated and I have that many...yikes!
He was VERY through, which Dave and I love. In Canada we didn't feel like we got that kind of attention. We have actually had more testing and stuff done here than we ever did in the 2 years we were seeing a fertility specialist in Canada.
He went over everything with us in his office. All the tests we have taken. Ordered more tests for Dave. We had to sign some disclaimers and go over risks and such.
So since my cycle had just ended we decided on this plan....
We will take the trigger shot class on Friday, March 7th
March will be an unmediated month
We will go in for an IUI the day after I get an LH surge on the ovulation predictor
If this cycle does not work, we will then move on to a medicated cycle with Clomid and Trigger shots. Then another IUI.
So that is the game plan for now. Hopefully we wont have to move on to the medicated cycle, but best be prepared.
We are very excited and nervous all at once. There was a lot of information, especially on multiple births and the risks, reductions, etc. By the end of it we were both in a bit of overload.
The funniest part of the day....when we both had to sign a waiver stating that it was okay for Dave to "donate" his sperm (only to be used by me). But since it was being done in the medical realm of things we had to sign the waiver. Also that if we do conceive that child is ours and in no way is in relation to the fertility clinic, since they "assisted" in the reproduction! return policy!!?? Sheesh!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

... Dr. Visit ...

Well I have to give blood again on Saturday. Since my prolactin was high they want another test done.
Also, we have an appointment with the Fertility doctor on Friday, Feb. 29th @ 1:30pm. I am really looking forward to it. I am sure it will be full on information and hopefully get us on the aggressive right path.
Dave saw the Urologist on Thursday and she (yes, I said she!) seems to think we would be a great candidate for IUI (inter-uterine insemination). So that is what we are so ready for. It was also reassuring to know that even the urologist was going through infertility. Also, she told Dave that he could FINALLY get off the pills that he has been taking for the past 2 years!!
Anyway, we see the doctor on Friday and I will update once we know more. I am due to start my period on Sunday and started spotting today. Which is good. I want to be all done by the time Friday gets here and get a good fresh cycle in! I guess a 35 day cycle is what my body has!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

... Testing ...

So Dave and I got all our blood work done on Saturday.
All of it came back normal.
He does see the urologist on Thursday, hopefully that will yield some good results and he can get off those stupid pills!! 2 years is way too long to be on them!
I am A+ blood type. The only thing that was high was my prolactin. Normal is up to 20 and I was 46. So I am not sure what that means.
I called the fertility clinic and we have an appointment with the doctor on March 10 @ 11am. A day after I turn 31.
Hopefully it is a lucky year!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

... I love smilies ...

Well there it is....finally a smiley face for a positive ovulation!! Yipee! I was beginning to worry. I actually had to go out and buy a whole new kit, $30 mind you, because I ran out of test sticks. They only come with 7. And low and behold I only needed to use 1 out of the new kit. So...I must have O'd on CD 8 or 9. Heres to hoping! I go in for blood work on Saturday. Then I call the fertility clinic and they will arrange an appointment. Looks like things are coming into action. Sometimes it still overwhelms me to think this journey may be over soon. We will be able to hold our own little will all be so worth the wait. I am so excited to share this experience with Dave!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

... HSG ...

Well I had my HSG on Friday. It hurt more than I remember my last one. But the doctor and nurse were really nice and that helped relax. After all, it isn't everyday that a strange man and woman are down by your vagina inserting things that just aren't meant to be up there!!
I got to watch the whole thing on camera, so that was cool. When they inflated the balloon that hurt for sure.
Afterward, they let Dave come in so the doctor could explain everything. All looked good. Yay! No blockage!
I started my Ovulation predictor thing Friday morning as well. So far...nothing!
Dave also did his semen analysis on was a busy Friday, let me tell you!
Anyway, he got his results back today. They were less than good. His count is the lowest its ever been. I feel so sorry for my wonderful husband! He SO deserves to be a daddy! Sometimes I REALLY don't get God's plan, but I know He has the best one, so I just keep trusting.
So after I get a positive ovulation, hopefully soon, then I will get blood work done and then we will go see the doctor. We are fully prepared to get aggressive with getting pregnant.
After all, neither of us is getting any younger!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

~ Week of tests ~

So though we had testing done in Canada, we knew we would have to do it all over again in the US. We have been putting it off due to insurance and then the stress of moving and holidays. So in January we decided to get back on track.
We hooked up with a fertility clinic in Sacramento. They do things differently than Canada. We filled out the paperwork they sent us. Then, once reviewed they sent us our testing package. A list of tests that would be performed, when to get them and so on. So on the 1st day of my cycle I had to call in. They then scheduled another HSG for me! Lucky girl that I am. For those that don't know what it HSG injects dye into my tubes to make sure there are no blockages.
So my HSG is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 1st at 830am.
On the Wednesday prior I need to go to the lab to take a urine pregnancy test. Then also pick up my prescription for the HSG. It is an antibiotic that I take Thursday. Friday morning I take 800 mg of Advil, in case there is pain. On the same morning Dave will be making his "donation" for testing as well. Also on that same day, popular day, I start peeing on a stick to test for Ovulation. Once I get a positive read I schedule blood work for 8-10 days later. If I haven't received a positive by 9 days of testing then I get blood work done regardless.
Clear as mud!!?? A bit confusing....the fertility nurse Monica knows me by name, that is for sure!!
Whew...after all the testing is done I call the center and they will schedule a time to see the doctor once the test results are received. Usually within 2 weeks or so!
So that is all good news. I will keep, well for now -myself, updated as things progress!

~ Introduction ~

Well, so far I (and maybe Dave) will be the only readers of this blog. In this blog I will journal our up and downs, success and failure (hopefully not much of that) and our journey into becoming parents.
We know there will be lots of testing, poking and proding. But the end result of little Davidsons will be all worth it!!
This is our year to becoming Mommy and Daddy!!

Just a note that portions of this blog may be graphic. This has been a long journey, and keeping a detailed record is important to us. So if you are queasy, there may be parts you need to skip over. Also, any decisions regarding our children, the pregnancy, parenting ideas, are something that we consider carefully. If we decide to share them on the blog, please be cautious of criticism. We fully intend to research ideas thoroughly that we are thinking about.
We are excited to share this wonderful journey and welcome you along for the ride!!

Thanks! :)