Monday, May 5, 2008

...Its a GO....

Well Dave got his test results back. As we expected all is well. Thank goodness!! I NEED my hub here!! :) Come to find out (which the nurse had basically told us she thought was the issue) that one of the machines that they used for the testing was not calibrated correctly. Apparently we weren't the only ones who were disappointed by this "little" mistake!!
SO this means that next cycle we are a GO!! I am now on cycle day 9. I will start testing this weekend and hopefully sometime early next week we will be in the doctors office "making a baby!".
The nurse that assisted us last time has been wonderful!!
We are determined ... we only have 2 cycles for this to work, with it being paid for. Dave's insurance will change at the end of June...which REALLY bites! But with the thinking positive, we wont need to worry about the caught ....
cause we will be 'with child(ren)'....1 or 2 is good by us!! :)

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