Sunday, January 27, 2008

~ Week of tests ~

So though we had testing done in Canada, we knew we would have to do it all over again in the US. We have been putting it off due to insurance and then the stress of moving and holidays. So in January we decided to get back on track.
We hooked up with a fertility clinic in Sacramento. They do things differently than Canada. We filled out the paperwork they sent us. Then, once reviewed they sent us our testing package. A list of tests that would be performed, when to get them and so on. So on the 1st day of my cycle I had to call in. They then scheduled another HSG for me! Lucky girl that I am. For those that don't know what it HSG injects dye into my tubes to make sure there are no blockages.
So my HSG is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 1st at 830am.
On the Wednesday prior I need to go to the lab to take a urine pregnancy test. Then also pick up my prescription for the HSG. It is an antibiotic that I take Thursday. Friday morning I take 800 mg of Advil, in case there is pain. On the same morning Dave will be making his "donation" for testing as well. Also on that same day, popular day, I start peeing on a stick to test for Ovulation. Once I get a positive read I schedule blood work for 8-10 days later. If I haven't received a positive by 9 days of testing then I get blood work done regardless.
Clear as mud!!?? A bit confusing....the fertility nurse Monica knows me by name, that is for sure!!
Whew...after all the testing is done I call the center and they will schedule a time to see the doctor once the test results are received. Usually within 2 weeks or so!
So that is all good news. I will keep, well for now -myself, updated as things progress!

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