Wednesday, December 30, 2009

18/19 Weeks

No post last week, sorry about that. Christmas and all. Well I'm not sorry about Christmas..but the fact that I didn't find the time to post, that is!

Anyway, not much has changed really. The pregnancy is going really well. I have more energy and rarely take naps in the afternoon. Which does make me tired a bit earlier at night, but nothing too bad.

I do have the occasional heartburn, usually when I am sleeping. Along with sleeping, it is getting harder to "get comfy". Not that I am complaining, because I know the babies are just going to continue to grow. But I realize eventually, in the near future, I will need to get a pillow to "prop up" the baby belly. Along with sleeping I have had some very vivid dreams. Now, just ask my husband, my dreams, even before pregnancy, were always very vivid and detailed and long. So not much has changed there, just that they are more frequent.

No cravings. Enough said there.

My back is starting to hurt a bit. But only if I walk for long periods of time. It helps to actually squat, which I have done in the middle of the store. Seems to stretch out my back. Again, probably a near future purchase is a "belly belt support" of sorts. Any ideas out there?

Nothing else new to report. I can't believe that next week I will be half way through the pregnancy. Seems like just 2 weeks ago I was announcing the big news! Truth be told, I am likely already past the half way, since it is likely that the twins will come early. My goal is 36 please keep that in prayers (and either before or after my dad's fish derby, dear Lord, please not during!)

I have my 20 week appointment next week. Then in the new year we start all of our classes and such. Seems so surreal to be actually talking about the present year of the birth of my babies. Before it was just "oh May 2010", now it will be "in May"....this May, not next year May. Wow!! I am sure things will just start going faster and faster now. So hang on for the ride and I'll hang on to my belly!!

I don't think I have grown much, but you can be the judge. 19 weeks belly!

Friday, December 18, 2009

17 weeks

Okay so today I am actually 17 weeks 2 days. I can't believe that in 3 weeks I will be half way through this pregnancy. I swear just like a week ago we found out that we were expecting! I am trying to enjoy every moment since I know, especially in the new year, that its going to go in a flash!

Things are going really well. I have more energy now and take naps less frequently. Though I do love those naps when I get a chance! Eating and taking pills are finally something that is much easier to "swallow"...(ha ha get it?? Oh nevermind!). Which is a good thing, since I seem to be hungry all the time now! Thankfully the bleeding has completely stopped for almost 2 weeks now. Looks like the babies are settled in and ready to just grow and grow!

I was telling Dave the other day, when you think of pregnancy you think of a beautiful growing belly. I never though my body would have the pains that it has so far, and pull in areas I didn't know existed. And I know it is only the beginning!

Next week is Christmas! A very exciting time. Looking forward to seeing family and enjoying the Christmas music, hot cocoa, and twinkling lights. Amazing to think that this time next year 2 more stockings will be hung and we will have 2 little ones to smile with!

So Merry Christmas and here are some belly pics (don't say I didn't get you anything this year!)

This was taken on 12/15 - 16 weeks 6 days

This one - amazingly enough - was taken just 2 days later (12/17) at 17 weeks 1 day! Wow can I really expand that fast!? Though I do say it has something to do with the maternity pants I am wearing - - and yes, I am sticking to that theory!

Monday, December 14, 2009

16 weeks

Okay so this is a bit late..since I will be 17 weeks on Wednesday.

Anyway, our 16 week appt went great! Babies were doing dandy, one on top of the other. One baby even yawned...cutest thing ever! While one baby was kicking the other and you could see the poor little one bouncing from the kicks. Kinda funny though!

Their heartbeats were 143 and each were measuring about 10 cm. Exciting stuff.
We don't have another appt until our 20 week and then a week later our "formal" ultrasound, which I am just over the moon about!

Yes my belly is getting bigger. They say that this is when the babies get the growth spurt and just start growing, so this should be fun! I am so excited to look pregnant and not have people (sometime myself included) wonder "if".

Just last night I was sitting on the couch and I think one of the babies kicked me. I have been feeling flutters for about a week or so now, but having not experienced this before, still am not sure what I felt! So, as I was sitting there it was a sudden jab to my right side. It actually scared me cause I didn't know what it was. Then I thought, I bet that was a baby! do it again...yeah right! Oh well, guess there will be plenty of time to enjoy every little kick and jab!

Here are the ultrasound photos that were taken when I feel down the stairs. We didnt get any for 16 weeks, but these are just 3 days before.

Baby is face down

So the head of one baby on the left and then the other baby face up,
more on their side, back to us

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Going Down

Well sorry I haven't updated for a bit, but at least I can spread news out among a couple of posts! Yeah me!

Anyway, last Thursday (Dec. 3) I was walking down our stairs and slipped and slid down the last 2-3 stairs. It knocked the wind out of me, not to mention scared me! I had never had the wind knocked out of me before and I wasn't really sure what to do. Didn't want to turn on my belly but had to move. So I crawled over to the phone in the living room, sat against a chair and called Dave at work. Luckily his shift was over and he was just chatting with the guys. I cant even imagine the fear he felt when all I said was "I feel down the stairs you need to come home".
So he rushed home and "broke tons of laws" along the way! At least he was safe, wearing a seat belt of course! He got home and I was still sitting against the chair. I didn't want to get up for fear of bleeding or passing out. He helped me up and everything seemed to be okay.
I called labor and delivery just in case and they said to follow up with my doctor the next day.
So I saw the doctor the next day and everything checked out okay. Babies were fine, jumping round in there. Didn't hurt them at all but made mommy's back pretty sore for the next couple of days.
So as one wise man once said (that would be my dad#2) "use the stinkin hand rails!".

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blond or Brunette......Im brunette!!

Okay seriously! I know it is a fact that once you are pregnant your brain does shrink during the process. But sometimes I wonder if I am going crazy or just not paying attention.
Case and Point:

Watching a movie where the main character works at the LA times....I then ask "where is this? In Florida?"

Reading an advertisement, Dave says we could get this, I point out "only valid in November". My patient husband waits as I then realize the current date is November 28th.

Sheesh...seriously!! I hope I don't forget my way home! Maybe I should post a note to myself or write my name on my collar!! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

15 Weeks

Not much has changed this week. I did however wear my first pair of maternity pants today! Of course they were still a bit big, but I know in due time I will grow into them. I am kind of at the mid-way point where people wonder but would never dare to ask! LOL
I am also thoroughly convinced that I will never actually feel "safe" in this pregnancy. Go figure! Just when I think I feel better, more comfortable about it, I again start to worry. Of course about needless stuff, but "stuff" to me nonetheless.
Am I growing enough?
Are the babies growing?
Could something still go drastically wrong?
What is this pain, what is that pain?

Well, I see the Dr again next week. So we get to see the babies. Ultrasounds thrill me and scare me all at once.

But on a very good note, the bleeding looks like it has decided to stay away!! 2.5 days and counting! Which of course makes me wonder if something else is going wrong! Stupid I know! AHHHH!

65574100.1245.4173. 192.168.455.5
** and this little gem you ask?!? This is my babies daddy deciding to hijack my blog post. Thanks for the er....uhh....input babe! Love you!**

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I notice

I notice that since I have been pregnant my "life value" has gone up.
Not that people didn't love me before, but it is just funny to me how now that I am with children (not child, since there are two in there - weird huh!) people tend to say be careful more. Or drive safe. I am usually always careful and I do drive safe.
Guess things are just more "important" when you are "transporting" two more around with you! LOL

Just a note that portions of this blog may be graphic. This has been a long journey, and keeping a detailed record is important to us. So if you are queasy, there may be parts you need to skip over. Also, any decisions regarding our children, the pregnancy, parenting ideas, are something that we consider carefully. If we decide to share them on the blog, please be cautious of criticism. We fully intend to research ideas thoroughly that we are thinking about.
We are excited to share this wonderful journey and welcome you along for the ride!!

Thanks! :)