Sunday, July 6, 2008

Round #1

We had our final ultrasound on Father's day. I thought Sunday's would be slow, but apparently not! I got a little jumpy when the doctor was running late due to a delivery that morning. We had to make it up to my dads for breakfast around 1030. Keeping secrets can sometimes be tough and stressful work! Whew. We made it! Sadly, we only had 1 good mature follice. But it only takes one right!? So we did the trigger shot on Monday night. Dave did wonderful, of course!

We went in for IUI #1 on Wednesday, June 18th at 840am.
We dropped of the "specimen" and went and had breakfast at Mimi's cafe. What an experience eating breakfast and waiting for "the" moment. Hoping and praying that we dont have a repeat of last time and that all the numbers are where they should be.
Once we got into the room, it was a surreal moment. Thinking this could be it. Weird to think conceiving a child would take more than one person, let alone in a sterile room with bright lights. The Dr. was nice. One we hadn't seen before. After the procedure, which took all of maybe 3 minutes, it was a relief and stressor at the same time.
Dave and I joked around, saying "was it good for you?". Then he was gonna take a nap!! hahaha
I am so lucky to have such a supportive and involved husband. There has been many times that we have gone in to see only women, with no partner, being seen. Though for some that may be a personal choice.
We prayed over my belly in hopes that a baby would soon be growing in there!

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