Sunday, March 16, 2008

... Poke Me ...

So on Friday March 7th we took our Injection class. It was interesting to say the least. We were in there with one other couple. They went over the meds, how to prepare them and inject them. There are 2 kinds. One that I would be injecting myself, for 5-6 days, then I would be checked to see the follies. When they say, Dave then gives me the trigger (time to O) shot in my rump. He even had to practice giving me one. It was odd, but he did FANTASTIC!!! Even the nurse was impressed.
So the plan was still to do the non-medicated this cycle, then if need be, move on to the injections next cycle. Though Dr. K has me on a Clomid, Injections mix since my follies produce alot.

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