Tuesday, June 17, 2008

... Game on ...

So finally I got my period! Went in for a CD (cycle day) 1 internal ultrasound! What fun that was!

We started injections on Saturday, June 7th. Very interesting since my first shot was in the middle of a wedding that I was assisting. I had to tell the head photographer that I need to step out to take some medication. He wanted details, but understood. Guess he has been through it too. So that was reassuring. Anyway, my wonderful husband, drove the refridgerated medication over to me and I gave myself my first fertility shot in the parking lot of Arden Hills in Dave's car. Interesting to say the least!

Then I left for TN so I had to put all my meds with a cold pack and bring them on the carry on. Imagine how nervous I was bringing needles on board!! It ended up okay, except for that once we landed the ice pack was no longer cold, so I had to get some ice at the gas station and put it on the meds. Again, it all turned out okay. While in TN I had to stay up to 11pm EST, so that it was 8pm PST, since they had to be given at the same time each day. Whew! Then on the way back to CA I had to give one of my shot while on the plane!!! You read that right....ON THE PLANE! In the bathroom! It was strange, but I made it work!

Whew, this baby better be worth it! (which I know it will)

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