Sunday, March 2, 2008

... 1st Doctors visit ...

K, so I LOVE our Dr. that we saw. Now I know that they are on a rotating basis, so we may not always get him but he was great!
Anyway, we went in on Friday, Feb. 29th. Dave and I went into the room. The dr. gave me a pap and breast exam. Yes even with Dave there. Then he did a vaginal ultrasound. Oh what fun! Actually the HSG was much worse. It showed my uterus and ovaries. It was amazing. He did see what he felt may be a small polyp but didn't seem too concerned since it didn't appear on the HSG. My ovaries were full!! They had 9 follies on one side and 12 on the other!! WOW. I said is that good or bad? He said... "Good if you don't mind twins!" Unmedicated and I have that many...yikes!
He was VERY through, which Dave and I love. In Canada we didn't feel like we got that kind of attention. We have actually had more testing and stuff done here than we ever did in the 2 years we were seeing a fertility specialist in Canada.
He went over everything with us in his office. All the tests we have taken. Ordered more tests for Dave. We had to sign some disclaimers and go over risks and such.
So since my cycle had just ended we decided on this plan....
We will take the trigger shot class on Friday, March 7th
March will be an unmediated month
We will go in for an IUI the day after I get an LH surge on the ovulation predictor
If this cycle does not work, we will then move on to a medicated cycle with Clomid and Trigger shots. Then another IUI.
So that is the game plan for now. Hopefully we wont have to move on to the medicated cycle, but best be prepared.
We are very excited and nervous all at once. There was a lot of information, especially on multiple births and the risks, reductions, etc. By the end of it we were both in a bit of overload.
The funniest part of the day....when we both had to sign a waiver stating that it was okay for Dave to "donate" his sperm (only to be used by me). But since it was being done in the medical realm of things we had to sign the waiver. Also that if we do conceive that child is ours and in no way is in relation to the fertility clinic, since they "assisted" in the reproduction! return policy!!?? Sheesh!!

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