Tuesday, August 5, 2008

... Round #2 ...

So we up'd the hormones this time. Yea me! Poor Dave! lol Still only got one good egg. But one is all it takes right! Dave's #'s are great! Which just drives me crazy that the Canadian docs had him on those meds for so long, yet now he is shining!! Now if we can get me to produce more than one egg, that would be wonderful!

So we had our 2nd IUI on Saturday, August 2nd. I had to go by myself this time, as Dave had to work. It was surreal being there by myself. But I managed. I had a good book, so that was nice. Procedure went beautifully. Dr said my mucus was great quality and cervix nice and open. All good signs! Yippee!!

So now we wait again! We should know something while we are in Kansas. But wont be telling anyone until later on. If no pregnancy, I need to start no earlier than the 17th so I can get into the dr's. Otherwise we will have to skip a month. But I suppose that could be a good thing too. So I am trying to keep an open mind!

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