Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1st Birthday

So since we are pretty much shut off from the outside world at the moment, the twins 1st birthday (and my birthday) was just grandparents and us. VERY small, but still fun! Their big party will be in May, for their adjusted 1st birthday (also celebrating when they came home from the NICU!)

I made blue and pink cupcakes, which the kids totally loved! You would think that we never feed them the way they devoured those cupcakes. It was a great moment! I also just realized that I probably should have gotten a photo of the 3 of us .. the birthday peeps! Oh well .. next year! For their actual birthday it was just us and my parents and a small little thing, then we had 2 other family members over on Saturday to open gifts and such. The kids actually had 3 days of cupcakes .. they loved every single one! And of course Nelly loved the left overs! LOL

My 1 year olds!

Mirror image .. so amazing!

Libby eating her pink cupcake

Sawyer eating his blue cupcake

And once her hands got dirty .. this is what she did!


2nd day of cupcakes

She really gets into her cupcakes (2nd day)

3rd day of cupcakes!

3rd day of cupcakes!
and of course, all where bath nights! LOL

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random things

I know eventually that my memory wont be as good as it is now (for the most part!). So here are some random things about the kids, that I would like to remember. I hope to do this on a more regular basis, because they are changing and growing much faster than I care to acknowledge!

This hat was made from Cotton Blossoms. It didn't have a name. I suggest Sawyer. And so here is the Sawyer hat! 

 Then of course I had to have her make a Libby hat!

 Sawyer LOVES to find the doorstops and make "music" with them.

 He also decided that since he can stand in his crib, it makes for a good teether!

 When we don't feed him he resorts to eating his feet! (Libby does this too but I have yet to get a photo of it!)

This is giraffe. He stays on our changing table. So when diaper changes are happening and someone wants to move around, they play with giraffe instead. So far, it has worked!

365 Days of Sawyer

Twin B .. my sweet Sawyer Kelly (the one who wanted out!)

You are my shining star. You came into this world full of fight. You still have that spark and determination in you. Just this morning you fought sleep (yet again) and mama has been up with you since 530am. It allows me to see how special and sweet you are. You love to see the world. Discovering new things each and every day. Even though you started out as my tiny little guy, you now out weigh you sister. You crawled first, sat up first, stood up first. You are my go-getter. You smile ... oh I just cant say enough about your smiles. They melt my heart. Your sweet dimple that you got from your dad and the sparkle in your eye. You have 5 teeth now! You love to make a growling noise. It is your way of talking to the people around you. You love to be the center of attention and are usually the first to approach people. You are still a mama's boy when it comes to cuddle times. Which I don't mind one bit! You love to crawl up to me and stand every chance you get. You love anything that makes music and has lights. You have something special to offer this world, and I can't wait to see where you take us this next year! I love you .. with more love than stars in the sky!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

365 days of Libby

Twin A ... my precious baby girl, Libby Patricia

You have such a sweet soul. Very calm and gentle. You love to "pat" anything, especially mama when you are nursing. Maybe that is Grandma Pat's way of saying she is here "pat, pat, pat". You are a quiet talker and like to whisper to your toys. Then again, you also love to scream your happy screams. Especially when something excites you, which people in general do! You are cautious around new people, but once you feel secure you will flash them a smile. You have 2 teeth. You take your time getting those in. You crawl around the house, at your own pace and take breaks to "smell the flowers". You are my skinny girl, which makes it easier to hold you when we dance around the room, which you love! You laugh and laugh. I love your sweet giggles. When I pretend I am going to tickle you, the anticipation is more exciting for you than the actual tickling! You are starting to actually sit on your knees and try to pull yourself up on mommy. Its adorable. Your hands are so precious to me. So delicate. You are very textile. You love to grab things and shake them to see what sound they make. You can hold your bottle all by yourself and when you are done you like to hold it up and talk with it. You self feed so well. You have figured out the perfect way to maneuver a pea or cheerio just right so it makes it into your mouth. You recently started clapping and it is pure joy to see you sitting there, like a big girl and start clapping. You have brought so much happiness to me, sometimes I think my heart will explode! Thank you Libby, for just being the sweet, delicate, you that I love!

1 year later

Today you turn 1 year old. 365 days of being alive. Not all of them happy, lots of them scary, but even more in pure bliss. I am beyond amazed at how far you both have come. Every day you amaze me with your smiles, curiosity, growth, learning and most of all love. When I was about to become a mom, it was very scary for me. You were going to be so tiny, so vulnerable. I wanted to protect you, from the moment you were born. I had to learn who you were, while you learned who I was and what this world is. Today, 1 year later, I am in awe of the love I feel for each of you. How easy it is to know that I would go to the end of the earth for you. Like I tell you both, all the stars in the sky...I love you more than that. Being your mommy was one great purpose God created me for. Being a preemie mom, I believe, was another. You both bring so much joy to our family.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catching Up

This is my catch up post!

The twins had their 2nd High Risk evaluation on 2/9/11. Libby weighed in at 12lbs and Sawyer was 13lbs 12oz.  Small for their age, even adjusted, but to me, so big! They are meeting all their milestones and are even meeting some for their actual age. This is so fantastic! I still called our Alta Regional Program, which offers development services, just to make sure we are in their system should we need anything at a later date.

Both babies are always trying new foods. I try to veer away from the Gerber stuff, but it is just so dang convenient! They like to eat apples, though most of it ends up on the floor, along with cheese cubes! They are partial to fruit, but still like a bit of veggies, mainly squash and carrots. Green beans and peas aren't among the favorites (not sure they are my kids! lol)

They both sleep through the night now, with maybe an odd night here and there. They love their sleep sacks! We have a nightly routine of getting ready at 530, PJs, story time, brushing teeth and then prayers and in bed by 6. Which of course means they wake by 630, but I usually don't get them out of bed until 7ish.  Naps haven't gone so smoothly. We try for a 9am and 1pm nap. Libby is my cat napper at maybe 45 mins worth of sleep. Some days are better than others.

They love to crawl everywhere and explore. Mainly the dogs dishes but we try to remember to put them up before little hands have a chance to make a water mess or eat dog food (but what kid hasn't right!?)
 Sawyer loves toys that make noise and flashing lights. He also loves books and the rainbow rings. I just love it when he sits up all big and just plays. It just amazes me. Libby loves anything she can shake, like rattles and links. She loves the crinkle books too. The kitchen is also a favorite place for them, since I put Tupperware out for them to play with and make noise.

They both wear size 2 diapers. We tried the size 3 but you just aren't there yet. Both are in size 6 months clothing, though depending the the brand can still get away with some 3 month size. You are both tiny, but hey, mommy and daddy aren't exactly basketball players!

I think that is pretty caught up now. I have more about each of them, but I am saving it for my 1 year review.


They twins are super busy these days! Moving around, exploring new adventures. I can honestly say I love (almost) every moment of it! It is hard to believe that a year ago I sat in a hospital bed hoping and praying that my babies would be alright. And today, here they are, alive and happy! 
I know my "year in review" post will be an emotional one.
Happy Valentines Day!
Yep .. I can stand in my crib now! Time to lower the mattress!

I can pull myself up on anything (and hide!)

 Sharing cheese

Photo shoot for Posh Dollys (

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