Friday, December 26, 2008

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So I didnt start my period back in September and did have to take meds to start it.
We had 3 good eggs in October...all great size.
Had the IUI (Ill elaborate on that later) and got my period BEFORE it was even due.
Went in to get check and low and behold...cysts! Suppose it was bound to happen, we had many cycle with no cysts and sometimes your body just says enough!
So we went on a break. We had to take a month off anyway and go on birth control. But I advised the Dr. that we were wanting to take sometime so birth control wasnt necessary. Plus Daves dad was coming into town so we were going to hold off until he left in February anyway.
Now, about that IUI! WOWSA!
It was someone new who performed the procedure. At first she didnt think she had it in right. So she "repositioned". It was a bit unconfortable but nothing I couldnt handle. By the time I got to work it was getting more and more intense. I went to the rest room and was bleeding a bit. I called the Drs office. They said it was normal and so was cramping so to take some aspirin. About an hour later I was almost doubled over in pain. I finally had to go home cause I could barely walk. As I drove home I made Dave talk to me the entire way cause it hurt so bad and I was crying. When I got home Dave had to help me undress and put me in bed. I later woke up and had Dave call the dr to see what else we could do. I was able to take a nice warm bath, and if I could have stayed in there forever I would have!!
As the days pasted the pain got less and less. But it took about 3 days to be fully funcitional again. Man oh man did that hurt!!

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