Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Close...yet well yes ... close!

So I keep thinking I have all this time to be pregnant. Which I don't. I have under 100 days here people. And truth be told, it will be probably 3-4 weeks before that! I can't believe that next week I will be in my 3rd trimester! Where did the time go!
I have yet to paint the nursery, set up cribs, get carseats, etc. I know it will all get done...but wow time is creeping up!
I do have some aches and pains. Mainly my hips when I sit to long or especially at night while sleeping. The pressure that the twins cause while pushing me from the inside out is a surreal feeling. Uncomfortable and bizarre!
I am getting tired once again. I try to take naps in the afternoon or early evening. I need to take my 3hr glucose again, which I am terrified I will fail drastically.
I have another formal ultrasound on March 1st, which I am excited about. 28 week appointment on March 4th.
That's my update so far. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As promised

Here is a full frontal .. that is just how crazy I got!! We get our maternity photos this Saturday. So we will get some good ones out of that! I am stoked!

And here is the progression collage. Now, I don't think (nor feel) huge at this point. Most say "for twins I am small" which I am okay with. But other twin moms assure me that in the last trimester they gained most of their weight. Which I have only gained about 8-10 lbs so far. My OB isn't concerned since I was "fluffy" before I got pregnant. So anyway, I assume that in the next couple of weeks I will surely "pop" or just have tiny babies!

27 weeks ... Limitations

So I am 27 weeks today. I will take a picture tonight and post it and maybe even a progression photo....who knows?!?! LOL I just might get that crazy!
Anyway, you always here people say how much they hate moving. It has never really bothered me that much. I always looked at it as a fresh beginnings and a time to rearrange the kitchen of course! Well........moving while pregnant .... that is a whole other ball game! It truly does stink! I am used to being able to be 1) mobile 2) lift things 3) move things ...none of which I can really do at this point if I don't want my husband, mother and father screaming at me! So its a very slow process. My house is usually unpacked and put away within a week at most .... this time...well not so much. Dave says I have to give it 1 month before I am allowed to complain. Sheesh...1 month! Truth be told its been almost 2 weeks and things are looking pretty good. The rooms need some final pick me ups and the garage, well that is another blog in and of itself! But I am actually calming down from my irate and irrational state at the beginning of the move in. I am sure Dave is happy about that. :)
There are, of course, daily limitations that I am taking in stride as well. Things that, well I, took for granted I suppose.
  • Bending over
  • Washing my feet and legs in the shower
  • Putting on pants (which I now must sit on the bed to do)
  • Folding laundry (again, sitting now)
  • Sleeping ... oh the aches that come with sleeping .. I get sleep but at the cost of my hips exploding since I can only sleep on one side or the other. And me...I am a total belly you can just imagine.
  • Sitting straight up - leaning back is much more comfortable, maybe the babies have more room that way.
  • And sadly, yes, waddling to walk is much preferred at this point.
Tomorrow we have our Multiples class (that was rescheduled) in the morning and our Newborn care class at night. We are really excited for the tour of labor and delivery. And me...I'm excited to see Dave diaper a baby! LOL

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So last Friday (Feb. 19th) I got up to use the bathroom in the morning. **TMI FYI** I wiped and there it worst fear...tinged reddish/pink/brownish toilet paper. **End TMI**
I tried my best not to panic. Dave was already at work, and my parents were on the way to my place so I could drive them to the airport. So I calmly, yet quickly, called the pre-term labor nurses. They asked about cramping...nope, contractions....nope. She had me lay down for an hour, check for contractions and she would call me back. So that is exactly what I did. Nothing. Whew...
She called back, I reported my non-findings. She advised that it could have been old blood from when I was first bleeding in the pregnancy. WOW....that stuff really hangs in there!
So I was told to go on bedrest for 24 hours. I told her I had to drive my parents to the airport...I was told, drive them there, drop them off and come back home and get into bed. So that is exactly what I did. Nope...I didn't tell my parents what had just happened. They were on their way to vacation, I didn't want to spoil or worry them.
So I finally told my husband on the way home from the airport. He was at work and I didnt want to worry him either.
The rest of the day was well, spent in bed. I had no other issues and haven't seen then. I was super spoiled. Dave catered to my every need. Lucky me. I was brought a yummy lunch and a terrific dinner. He even got the wireless working so I could lay in bed and still surf the web!
So that was my scare....and I will be happy with no more of them...thank you very much!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Names

Okay, so I have always since I was a little girl been obsessed with baby names. I had baby name books when I was naming my dolls!
After the movie Splash, I was determined to name my future daughter Madison Grace. Now of course, Madison and Grace are pretty common names and luckily I have moved on from that name choice.
Now being one of the few in my age group that are having children a bit later, lots of names are "taken" so to speak. We find names we like and then find a friend who's child has that name, or the neighbor boy, or a person I went to high school with named their child that.
So as much fun as I had picking names as a child, it is increasingly difficult when I actually have to really consider these names now.
I mean this is there name, there "label" so to speak. And yes, for those that know me, I realize they could just change their name when they are 18, just as I did. But for the first 18, what we choose is it. That name will be on school papers, on report cards, on tiny handprints made in preschool.
And for those that know me, know that I am not a common name person but I don't want something so out there that people have a hard time with it either. No D names, it just doesn't go with our last name (too many D's) and no names ending in "son", cause again, it doesn't flow right with our last name.
So we have a couple of names picked out, we toss so out and throw more in. Our goal is to go to the hospital with about 4 names for each gender and decide when we see them.
And those names are....
Well again, sorry, we aren't sharing that information either! gender and yep, you don't get to know the names we've come up with either! LOL
But, we are always up for new name suggestions ... so let's here them!

**And nice try, but Tammie and Harold are out of the running! LOL - you two would suggest those!**

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm not complaining...but

Man oh man sakes alive .....

Do my hips every hurt!! Mainly my left hip and knee. I feel like a 95 year old sometimes. Grabbing walls to's insanity!

Now don't get me wrong, I know there are so so many other things that could be ailing me. No sleepless nights (yet), I didn't have morning sickness, smells still don't really bother me, so I know it could be worse.

So, again, I'll take it! I'm not complaining!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Favorite Hobby

My new favorite hobby ....

Watching our babies move around inside of me! :)
I love feeling their little kicks, which remind me of bubbles popping. I know as they grow this is going to get more intense, but I am not complaining!

It's my new favorite hobby....feeling my babies grow and move!

Now they just need to turn so they aren't laying across me and are facing the right direction. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Double Digits

Well I am almost 26 weeks so far. As my baby ticker shows I have 99 days to go!!! Yikes...under 100 days! Though I am sure that was true awhile back. My goal, as I have said before, is 37 weeks. So the first week in May. That is considered full term for twins, so that is what I am aiming for. Things are good so far. I do have a 25 week picture but with moving and getting computers set up, you are just going to have to wait for it.
Our parents of multiples class was re-scheduled for Feb. 25th, because the instructor was sick. So next week we have that class and our newborn care class. Should be fun!
It's still surreal to me how close this is getting. We are now moved into the home which we will bring our babies into. Weird to be considering one of the rooms a nursery, after years and years of hoping for it. I do love hanging the baby clothes in the closet and I bought our first pack of diapers the other day. I wanted to buy there first pack, even though I know it won't be the last pack I buy! LOL

Sunday, February 7, 2010

6 months

Well Sheesh! I guess it is time for an update! Between packing to move and unpacking at the new place, having company and not near as much energy, time escaped me.

I am now 24 weeks (6 months) pregnant!! I can't believe it! We did have to go back for another formal u/s on 1/25, since they didn't get all the photos of the babies that they were looking for. Having the formal u/s is something I will be doing at 28 wks, 32, etc., just to keep track of their growth and development. Its a process and long appointment, but I don't mind seeing the babies!!
They did notice on one of the babies a bit of a bright spot on their heart. Scared me...but the doctor says it pretty common and usually nothing to worry about. But of course I will until that "spot" isn't there anymore! So please send some prayers! Their heartbeats that day were good, Twin A 141 and Twin B 148.

We had our 24 week appointment on 2/4 and we met with the pre-term labor nurse that day as well. Kinda weird and surreal to meet with the pre-term labor nurse. I kept thinking "Im only 24 weeks". The nurse advised that with multiple births, previous preemie babies, or incompetent uterus's, they always have the pre-term meetings. So I guess I do fall under that category! LOL She went over how to feel for contractions, which I have to do twice daily for an hour. Also, what my activity level can be, eating habits, kick counts, etc. It was alot of information, but I know it is necessary, so Ill take it! Dave, I think, thrives on the idea that now, officially on paper, we have that I can not do....well very much! No lifting over 10-15 lbs (though he says 10), no standing for long periods of time, no grocery shopping, if I do go out I have to come home and rest for 30-60 mins, no standing for long to cook, no vacuuming, only use the stairs 1 a day (good thing we are moving to a one story this week!), the list goes on. Again, some of it is scary to think that these babies could come....whoa!! So I will be doing what I need to so that I can try my best to keep them inside for all that much longer! Not working does I am very grateful for that. The rest of the appointment went at usual. Dr. R checked the babies, all good, my uterus is measuring 32 cm (not sure if that is equal to 32 weeks as well). I haven't gained any weight since last visit, but since I was a bit "fluffy" before hand, she isn't concerned. Guess Im just all babies! :) She, as usual, knows the sex of the babes, so teases us, but it doesn't bother us. We still don't want to know!

We have our Parents of Multiples class on Wednesday which should be exciting. We get the tour of labor and delivery and the NICU. I need to check out the labor video that is offered at the health center as well. If I get my act together, hopefully I will post about the class!

I did however go to a multiples meeting that meets every month and is mom's in the area that have twins or higher order multiples! I loved it!! Totally worth the $35 a year. You get to meet with other moms and chat. They have other get togethers throughout the month, giveaways, advise and also sales for baby things, which is great, especially since they are all multiple mommys too! I really like the idea of getting together with other women to chat and get ideas. Afterall, I may have been around kids my entire life, but I am still new to this mommy thing!

Our cribs also came in...which is like 3 weeks earlier than we expected! LOL So we are waiting to pick them up until hopefully the nursery is painted. We are discussing colors on that at the moment!

Well I think that is as much of an update as I can give at the moment. I am going to try to keep up. Keeping a record is important to us....cause I am afraid I will forget! LOL Ill leave you with a picture at 23 weeks....


Just a note that portions of this blog may be graphic. This has been a long journey, and keeping a detailed record is important to us. So if you are queasy, there may be parts you need to skip over. Also, any decisions regarding our children, the pregnancy, parenting ideas, are something that we consider carefully. If we decide to share them on the blog, please be cautious of criticism. We fully intend to research ideas thoroughly that we are thinking about.
We are excited to share this wonderful journey and welcome you along for the ride!!

Thanks! :)