Tuesday, August 5, 2008

... If only ...

So keeping this a secret, and a BIG secret at that, has its moments! Here are some funny ones, once I look back on it.....

1) Family 4th of July - I just happen to have to use the bathroom right when everyone was sitting down for dinner. So I couldn't be too discreet about that! No quietly sneaking away.

2) Movie night - Went to see the premiere of HellBoy 2 with Dave. Had to "shoot up" in the bathroom. A bit scary, for sanity reasons. Kinda comical when 2 teen girls where in there and could possibly see me through the cracks in the door (you know how nosey teens are!) I am sure I was a topic of giggles for about 10 mins!

3) Weekend at the parents - Staying the weekend at my parents. I had to hide the meds in the fridge (under the lettuce of course). Then "shot up" downstairs, before my shower. The kicker that weekend was when we were trying to leave Sunday morning. We needed to be outta there by 10-1015 at the latest. We had a Dr. appt at 1130. But of course my parents didn't know that and we couldn't rush out and have it be obvious. So my dad wanted to smoke 1 more cigar and show us a couple more pictures and chat just a bit more! AHHHHH. Dave and I laughed about it afterwards!

4) Mother's worry - So my mom knows I have been working non stop. She is afraid I am going to have a melt down. She says I seen very emotional lately. LOL if only she knew the hormones that I am injecting into my body. One day she will understand. And honestly, Dave says I am not "that" bad. But after all, he does love me.....and knows in this "fragile" state I may just whop him one!!! hahahaha

So there are some funny moments for sure. I am anxious for everyone to start reading this blog and then my mom will have the infamous "a ha" moment and it will all connect. Though I am not sure if I could ever keep something secret again, cause she will be on the lookout for sure!!! Love you mom!

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