Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Close...yet well yes ... close!

So I keep thinking I have all this time to be pregnant. Which I don't. I have under 100 days here people. And truth be told, it will be probably 3-4 weeks before that! I can't believe that next week I will be in my 3rd trimester! Where did the time go!
I have yet to paint the nursery, set up cribs, get carseats, etc. I know it will all get done...but wow time is creeping up!
I do have some aches and pains. Mainly my hips when I sit to long or especially at night while sleeping. The pressure that the twins cause while pushing me from the inside out is a surreal feeling. Uncomfortable and bizarre!
I am getting tired once again. I try to take naps in the afternoon or early evening. I need to take my 3hr glucose again, which I am terrified I will fail drastically.
I have another formal ultrasound on March 1st, which I am excited about. 28 week appointment on March 4th.
That's my update so far. :)

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