Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, long over due update, but you will soon find out why!
We took our Parents of Multiples class. VERY informative and got the tour of the NICU, labor and delivery and recovery rooms. Glad we took the class.
We also took our Newborn Care class. I swear we are the only people on the planet that don't want to know what our children's sex is. We were the only ones in each class that didn't know. Oh well. Anyway, that class was also good to take. I wish it went into more detail about diapering, swaddling, etc., but still glad we went and got some questions answered.

We had our 27 week growth scan appt on March 1st. Dave had to work that day, so I went by myself. The day that will forever change my life. The sonographer took all the normal pictures that we have always gotten. Then she also took the umbilical cord blood flow of each baby. She said they do that at the 27 week appointment. Which I later found out isn't always the case. Anyway, she spent extra time on Baby B. Then went into her little room, made some phone calls and told me that I was done. I called Dave on the way home and said something is wrong. I just had a gut feeling.

When I got home I got a call from my Dr. She said that I had an appointment the next day with a Perinatalogist (high risk pregnancy doctor). They had found that Baby B had "end diastolic cord blood flow". So the baby wasn't getting has much nutrition through the cord as needed. But they wanted to be sure so that is why the new appointment. I asked what worse case scenario was...they send you to the hospital tomorrow, give you steroids and you deliver in two days.
OMGosh!! Talk about a scary night.

The next day, March 2nd, we (Dave got the time off, thank goodness) went to the Dr's for the additional growth scan. It confirmed our worst nightmare. Baby B was indeed in trouble. I was told to go home, pack a bag and head to the hospital. I was admitted into the hospital at 6pm that night. Babies were on full time monitoring and I was on bed rest except to use the bathroom and shower. It was near impossible to move anyway, since the monitors needed to be on the babies continuously.
It was a very scary time. The Dr said she gave it 1 week maybe 2 before I would be forced to deliver via c-section. WHAT!!!! They would be so little. It really scared me to death! Especially the c-section! LOL Go figure! So there I sat, in the hospital, on monitors, worried and scared. But I had a make it to at least 30 weeks.

Me and my diggs! Room 224....accommodations: Flat screen TV with DVD player, WiFi (yeah for laptops!), my blackberry, great nurses and doctors, visitors and a very attentive husband! :)

Monitoring the babies

28 weeks 3 days
My goals!!

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