Wednesday, February 24, 2010

27 weeks ... Limitations

So I am 27 weeks today. I will take a picture tonight and post it and maybe even a progression photo....who knows?!?! LOL I just might get that crazy!
Anyway, you always here people say how much they hate moving. It has never really bothered me that much. I always looked at it as a fresh beginnings and a time to rearrange the kitchen of course! Well........moving while pregnant .... that is a whole other ball game! It truly does stink! I am used to being able to be 1) mobile 2) lift things 3) move things ...none of which I can really do at this point if I don't want my husband, mother and father screaming at me! So its a very slow process. My house is usually unpacked and put away within a week at most .... this time...well not so much. Dave says I have to give it 1 month before I am allowed to complain. Sheesh...1 month! Truth be told its been almost 2 weeks and things are looking pretty good. The rooms need some final pick me ups and the garage, well that is another blog in and of itself! But I am actually calming down from my irate and irrational state at the beginning of the move in. I am sure Dave is happy about that. :)
There are, of course, daily limitations that I am taking in stride as well. Things that, well I, took for granted I suppose.
  • Bending over
  • Washing my feet and legs in the shower
  • Putting on pants (which I now must sit on the bed to do)
  • Folding laundry (again, sitting now)
  • Sleeping ... oh the aches that come with sleeping .. I get sleep but at the cost of my hips exploding since I can only sleep on one side or the other. And me...I am a total belly you can just imagine.
  • Sitting straight up - leaning back is much more comfortable, maybe the babies have more room that way.
  • And sadly, yes, waddling to walk is much preferred at this point.
Tomorrow we have our Multiples class (that was rescheduled) in the morning and our Newborn care class at night. We are really excited for the tour of labor and delivery. And me...I'm excited to see Dave diaper a baby! LOL

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