Sunday, February 7, 2010

6 months

Well Sheesh! I guess it is time for an update! Between packing to move and unpacking at the new place, having company and not near as much energy, time escaped me.

I am now 24 weeks (6 months) pregnant!! I can't believe it! We did have to go back for another formal u/s on 1/25, since they didn't get all the photos of the babies that they were looking for. Having the formal u/s is something I will be doing at 28 wks, 32, etc., just to keep track of their growth and development. Its a process and long appointment, but I don't mind seeing the babies!!
They did notice on one of the babies a bit of a bright spot on their heart. Scared me...but the doctor says it pretty common and usually nothing to worry about. But of course I will until that "spot" isn't there anymore! So please send some prayers! Their heartbeats that day were good, Twin A 141 and Twin B 148.

We had our 24 week appointment on 2/4 and we met with the pre-term labor nurse that day as well. Kinda weird and surreal to meet with the pre-term labor nurse. I kept thinking "Im only 24 weeks". The nurse advised that with multiple births, previous preemie babies, or incompetent uterus's, they always have the pre-term meetings. So I guess I do fall under that category! LOL She went over how to feel for contractions, which I have to do twice daily for an hour. Also, what my activity level can be, eating habits, kick counts, etc. It was alot of information, but I know it is necessary, so Ill take it! Dave, I think, thrives on the idea that now, officially on paper, we have that I can not do....well very much! No lifting over 10-15 lbs (though he says 10), no standing for long periods of time, no grocery shopping, if I do go out I have to come home and rest for 30-60 mins, no standing for long to cook, no vacuuming, only use the stairs 1 a day (good thing we are moving to a one story this week!), the list goes on. Again, some of it is scary to think that these babies could come....whoa!! So I will be doing what I need to so that I can try my best to keep them inside for all that much longer! Not working does I am very grateful for that. The rest of the appointment went at usual. Dr. R checked the babies, all good, my uterus is measuring 32 cm (not sure if that is equal to 32 weeks as well). I haven't gained any weight since last visit, but since I was a bit "fluffy" before hand, she isn't concerned. Guess Im just all babies! :) She, as usual, knows the sex of the babes, so teases us, but it doesn't bother us. We still don't want to know!

We have our Parents of Multiples class on Wednesday which should be exciting. We get the tour of labor and delivery and the NICU. I need to check out the labor video that is offered at the health center as well. If I get my act together, hopefully I will post about the class!

I did however go to a multiples meeting that meets every month and is mom's in the area that have twins or higher order multiples! I loved it!! Totally worth the $35 a year. You get to meet with other moms and chat. They have other get togethers throughout the month, giveaways, advise and also sales for baby things, which is great, especially since they are all multiple mommys too! I really like the idea of getting together with other women to chat and get ideas. Afterall, I may have been around kids my entire life, but I am still new to this mommy thing!

Our cribs also came in...which is like 3 weeks earlier than we expected! LOL So we are waiting to pick them up until hopefully the nursery is painted. We are discussing colors on that at the moment!

Well I think that is as much of an update as I can give at the moment. I am going to try to keep up. Keeping a record is important to us....cause I am afraid I will forget! LOL Ill leave you with a picture at 23 weeks....

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