Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Names

Okay, so I have always since I was a little girl been obsessed with baby names. I had baby name books when I was naming my dolls!
After the movie Splash, I was determined to name my future daughter Madison Grace. Now of course, Madison and Grace are pretty common names and luckily I have moved on from that name choice.
Now being one of the few in my age group that are having children a bit later, lots of names are "taken" so to speak. We find names we like and then find a friend who's child has that name, or the neighbor boy, or a person I went to high school with named their child that.
So as much fun as I had picking names as a child, it is increasingly difficult when I actually have to really consider these names now.
I mean this is there name, there "label" so to speak. And yes, for those that know me, I realize they could just change their name when they are 18, just as I did. But for the first 18, what we choose is it. That name will be on school papers, on report cards, on tiny handprints made in preschool.
And for those that know me, know that I am not a common name person but I don't want something so out there that people have a hard time with it either. No D names, it just doesn't go with our last name (too many D's) and no names ending in "son", cause again, it doesn't flow right with our last name.
So we have a couple of names picked out, we toss so out and throw more in. Our goal is to go to the hospital with about 4 names for each gender and decide when we see them.
And those names are....
Well again, sorry, we aren't sharing that information either! gender and yep, you don't get to know the names we've come up with either! LOL
But, we are always up for new name suggestions ... so let's here them!

**And nice try, but Tammie and Harold are out of the running! LOL - you two would suggest those!**

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