Thursday, January 7, 2010

Half Way!!

20 weeks! Wow...half way. Seems like I was just finding out a week ago!

Dr. appt went very well today. We just love love our OB. She is fantastic! Truth be told, I was very nervous about our appointment today. Having not seen the babies for a month, which is the longest time we have gone without seeing them, it worried me a bit. My worst fears, of course, kept replaying in my head. We had tons of questions, which our Dr is so great, as she sits there and lets us ask everything and doesn't rush us.

We did get our 12/16 week genetic testing results back. All negative!!! WHOO! Babies look good.
And of course, since our babies are in God's hands, He is keeping them safe and telling them lots of stories!

So our ultrasound was beautiful, as usual!! Babies were dancing all around. I did ask about not feeling them kick yet. She said the placentas are anterior (which means in front of my stomach) so it may take a bit longer to feel them. She said likely in the next 3-4 weeks, so not to worry. I do feel movements, like a balling rolling around in me. So I know they are in there, moving around.

Heartbeats were in the mid 150s. Though since they were so active, she said that could be why they have high heartbeats too. Also that both babies are transverse (laying across my stomach) with both heads on my left side.

I felt like I wasn't gaining enough weight, but since the babies are doing fine, she isn't concerned. She did measure my belly, which I still don't see as being a "pregnant" belly just yet. But apparently I am wrong, since I am measuring at 28 weeks!! Whew....but it is normal for twins. Which explains why my back is hurting, since I am "further along" than what I really am. She said look into the support belt, because they are worth it!

Now, yes, Dr. R could tell what the babies are. Apparently our babies are not shy and were ready to show all their glory! But she knows that we don't want to know, so she kept the big "secret" to herself. She asked us about names and even took time to chat with us after the ultrasound. Like I said, she is great! Unfortunately, we only got 1 picture of Twin A, since we didn't want anatomy shots of the babies. You can all hate me later!

Now to take out that anger....cast your vote (on the right side of this page) and let me know what YOU think we are having.
Dave says Boy/Boy....I say Boy/Girl.

Twin A....face up...scary skeleton face...but we love it all the same!

We have our formal scan next Tuesday. Hopefully we will get some really good pictures!! And, no I don't mean anatomy shots! :)

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  1. Sounds like all is well !! Love traveling the journey with you 2 !!
    Sharon Hind



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