Sunday, January 17, 2010

20 week formal Scan

I had my 20 week formal scan done on Tuesday, January 12th. I barely slept the night before. Awake from 4-6am, when I finally said "please Lord, let me sleep for even 45 mins". Got up at 7 to get ready. As I am getting ready, my nerves are jumping around. This is a big scan people. All the little important parts, kidneys, brains, limbs, hearts. So my nerves got the best of me and I got sick.... this was the result....

Pretty huh? Doctor says its normal in pregnancy and will go away with time. In the meantime, well it just looks plain gross to me!

Anyway, the scan went great! My mom was able to come along and see the babies as well. All limbs, kidneys, hearts, brains, bones are accounted for. They were active little things, moving all around. Twin A is in the lower part of my abdomen (head to the right, legs left, face down) and Twin B is on top (head to left, legs right, face down). Twin B did turn to face up during the scan though.

They didnt get all the pictures they wanted, because of the babies positions. So I will go back at for another one, just to get those few more. Since we are having twins I do get these formal scans at 28, 32, and so weeks, just to make sure the babies are doing well and one twin isnt triving over another.

I say that Twin A is a girl and Twin B is a boy simply because Twin A wanted to be in all the pictures! Dave still says Boy/Boy.

Here are their stats: (you can click on each photo to enlarge)

Twin A

Heartrate - 150 bpm
Measuring 20 weeks 4 days
Weight - 12 oz

Twin B

Heartrate - 157 bpm
Measuring 20 weeks
Weight - 11 oz (+/- 2oz)

Here are the twins together - As you can see Twin A, getting in the spot light!

This one is my favorite ... Twin A kicking Twin B in the head. So Classic and a great story to tell later on. I did feel bad, even though it was funny. Poor little Twin B's head was just bobbing back and forth from being "nudged". :)

As you can plainly tell Twin A is a feisty one. So feisty in fact that the tech took a whole series of spine photos for Twin B...then realized that Twin A had snuck in there and it was actually their spine that she photographed! Sneaky!!

And just to ease everyone's curious we still didn't find out the genders of the little ones. Soon enough the world will know who they are and their names....because I can't possibly be pregnant forever...right?!?! LOL

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