Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Many people have said that we are so brave for not finding out the genders of our little babes. Brave, really?? I am not sure that is what I would call it.
I think rescuing someone from a burning building is much more brave than keeping baby gender a surprise.
Some say they just "needed to prepare". Which makes me kinda giggle in the first place. Last time I checked babies, whether boy or girl, need the same things. Lots of love, diapers, burp clothes, onesies, wipes, blanket and a good nose sucker!
Finding out whether you are having a boy or girl is obviously the preference of most. Just not us. We are the weird ones. I don't have the smallest (okay many teeny tiny, grain of sand) want to find out the genders. I don't feel the need or pull to have pink this, butterfly that or blue this and baseball that. I just pray for healthy babies. Which I know every parent does.
So much of this journey has not been a surprise. Actually pretty much the whole darn thing. I didn't get to "surprise" my husband with an "im pregnant" anything. We were poked, probed, put under, and everything else just to get where we are today.
So to us, our babies genders, is the nice surprise, at the end of what has been a very long tunnel. Its our moment, that we don't have to share with anyone (except the doctors who deliver). Our little secret when they are placed in our arms. Even if only for a moment, we get to be the parents who know our children and who they are, we get to know first.

**with the exception of our doctor who already knows... LOL and no you can't pay to find out, Grandma already tried that one!**

So what do you think? Is it bravery? Or just a hyped up Hallmark situation, where the consumer gets sucked into colors and themes?

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  1. I had no desire to know, just wanted healthy babies, but always thought I was having boys !!
    Sharon H



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