Wednesday, January 20, 2010

22 Weeks

Not much new to report this week. Amazing to think that the babes are the size of spaghetti squash! They are starting to feel much heavier, so that is a great sign that they are just growing and getting fatter!! I still feel the kicks, pretty consistently during the day and especially when I lay down at night. I tried to have Dave feel them the other night, they kicked 3 times, but he still wasn't able to feel them. Suppose I do have a slight advantage since I can feel them on the inside! Kinda cool, its my own secret little moments with them. I love it!
It is getting increasingly harder to bend over, especially to wash and dry my legs. Any suggestions?? I am thinking of putting a stool in the shower. Another thing that I am not used to is thick hair. Honestly, I like my thin, straight hair. I have always been able to just run a comb through it without any problems. Not lately! It turns into a rats nest! Again, suggestions? I was thinking maybe a children detangler shampoo.
We will be moving into another house mid-Feb, so I am busy trying to pack up for that. It is more difficult since I cant really "move" anything. I just pack it and it stays were its packed! I am trying to really go through things though and de-clutter. I figure we will have more than enough "stuff" when the twins get here, so less is better for now! Plus we are moving into a smaller home, but more affordable, since I will be staying at home. I actually really excited to move. Simplify things, at least while we can. Then we can really start preparing for these babies. I am looking forward to setting up the nursery!
So here is a progression picture. I know that I have grown, obviously. But I still don't think I am "that" big. I know my time will come! LOL

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  1. So awesome to see a belly collage of YOUR belly. Alex and Dave are going to be PARENTS. Woo hoo. Can you tell I am still excited for you? But listen, take it slow. If you feel tired or your belly feels tight, lie down. And I better not hear you are unpacking your new house. Let Dave do it!



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