Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not such fun things

Here are just a few things that are, even though, a blessing.....still are a bit annoying!

  • Heartburn as soon as you lay that hurts!
  • my hips and lower back. Sometimes I walk like I am 105 years old!
  • Lower abdomen a brick is sitting down there!
  • Not being able to sleep on my stomach!
  • Arms falling asleep at night and having to "flip" ever so gently so you can re-gain blood flow
  • The "not so much relief" pee (ya feel like you HAVE to go and only get 3 tiny drops!)
  • Being hungry even though you just ate 30 minutes ago
  • 100 degree baths....well they just plain bite!
  • My nails not growing into beautiful, long nails that everyone is envious of (even with mass quantities of folic acid!)
Truth be told, I can not complain much. This pregnancy has been beautiful. And I am truly grateful for it! These little annoying things I can get over ..... as Dave says "Its the end result that matters!" Thank goodness he is around to remind me!

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