Wednesday, December 30, 2009

18/19 Weeks

No post last week, sorry about that. Christmas and all. Well I'm not sorry about Christmas..but the fact that I didn't find the time to post, that is!

Anyway, not much has changed really. The pregnancy is going really well. I have more energy and rarely take naps in the afternoon. Which does make me tired a bit earlier at night, but nothing too bad.

I do have the occasional heartburn, usually when I am sleeping. Along with sleeping, it is getting harder to "get comfy". Not that I am complaining, because I know the babies are just going to continue to grow. But I realize eventually, in the near future, I will need to get a pillow to "prop up" the baby belly. Along with sleeping I have had some very vivid dreams. Now, just ask my husband, my dreams, even before pregnancy, were always very vivid and detailed and long. So not much has changed there, just that they are more frequent.

No cravings. Enough said there.

My back is starting to hurt a bit. But only if I walk for long periods of time. It helps to actually squat, which I have done in the middle of the store. Seems to stretch out my back. Again, probably a near future purchase is a "belly belt support" of sorts. Any ideas out there?

Nothing else new to report. I can't believe that next week I will be half way through the pregnancy. Seems like just 2 weeks ago I was announcing the big news! Truth be told, I am likely already past the half way, since it is likely that the twins will come early. My goal is 36 please keep that in prayers (and either before or after my dad's fish derby, dear Lord, please not during!)

I have my 20 week appointment next week. Then in the new year we start all of our classes and such. Seems so surreal to be actually talking about the present year of the birth of my babies. Before it was just "oh May 2010", now it will be "in May"....this May, not next year May. Wow!! I am sure things will just start going faster and faster now. So hang on for the ride and I'll hang on to my belly!!

I don't think I have grown much, but you can be the judge. 19 weeks belly!

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  1. OMG, I could not have survived without my pregnancy belt!
    XOXO, Sis



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