Sunday, January 17, 2010

21 weeks

Okay so I am way behind on updates! So I will take the next few days to catch up! This should be fun!

So I am 21 weeks now and many people have said...."WOW" you look great for carrying twins!
While I do take this as a compliment, I also wonder.....Are they just being nice?

You tell me!

Not much has changed. I feel good. I do take occasional naps when I get the chance. Baby flutters are much more frequent and I have even started to actually feel the little kicks....yes both on my right and left side! Which I love every little one...but get back to me when I am 36 weeks! :) I had bouts of heartburn, which is no fun, but nothing that I cant bare, more annoying than anything. My back is starting to hurt, but nothing that is too bad, since I know it likely will get worse.
All in all I can't really complain much about that pregnancy. Besides the bleeding in the beginning, I haven't had any complications. Knock on wood it stays that way. I think that staying home and resting lots will help for sure!


  1. Alex, you look great, I see how excited and happy you are. These babies are going tobe so fortunate to have you for theor Mommy. Enjoy every moment of it! Ann Skelton from the chilly winter back in Chatham...BRRRR

  2. I think I was around 31 weeks when I started telling them it was ok to that is when I was done!



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