Friday, December 18, 2009

17 weeks

Okay so today I am actually 17 weeks 2 days. I can't believe that in 3 weeks I will be half way through this pregnancy. I swear just like a week ago we found out that we were expecting! I am trying to enjoy every moment since I know, especially in the new year, that its going to go in a flash!

Things are going really well. I have more energy now and take naps less frequently. Though I do love those naps when I get a chance! Eating and taking pills are finally something that is much easier to "swallow"...(ha ha get it?? Oh nevermind!). Which is a good thing, since I seem to be hungry all the time now! Thankfully the bleeding has completely stopped for almost 2 weeks now. Looks like the babies are settled in and ready to just grow and grow!

I was telling Dave the other day, when you think of pregnancy you think of a beautiful growing belly. I never though my body would have the pains that it has so far, and pull in areas I didn't know existed. And I know it is only the beginning!

Next week is Christmas! A very exciting time. Looking forward to seeing family and enjoying the Christmas music, hot cocoa, and twinkling lights. Amazing to think that this time next year 2 more stockings will be hung and we will have 2 little ones to smile with!

So Merry Christmas and here are some belly pics (don't say I didn't get you anything this year!)

This was taken on 12/15 - 16 weeks 6 days

This one - amazingly enough - was taken just 2 days later (12/17) at 17 weeks 1 day! Wow can I really expand that fast!? Though I do say it has something to do with the maternity pants I am wearing - - and yes, I am sticking to that theory!

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  1. You totally look pregnant! Bet you are loving that!



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