Wednesday, December 2, 2009

15 Weeks

Not much has changed this week. I did however wear my first pair of maternity pants today! Of course they were still a bit big, but I know in due time I will grow into them. I am kind of at the mid-way point where people wonder but would never dare to ask! LOL
I am also thoroughly convinced that I will never actually feel "safe" in this pregnancy. Go figure! Just when I think I feel better, more comfortable about it, I again start to worry. Of course about needless stuff, but "stuff" to me nonetheless.
Am I growing enough?
Are the babies growing?
Could something still go drastically wrong?
What is this pain, what is that pain?

Well, I see the Dr again next week. So we get to see the babies. Ultrasounds thrill me and scare me all at once.

But on a very good note, the bleeding looks like it has decided to stay away!! 2.5 days and counting! Which of course makes me wonder if something else is going wrong! Stupid I know! AHHHH!

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** and this little gem you ask?!? This is my babies daddy deciding to hijack my blog post. Thanks for the er....uhh....input babe! Love you!**

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