Monday, December 14, 2009

16 weeks

Okay so this is a bit late..since I will be 17 weeks on Wednesday.

Anyway, our 16 week appt went great! Babies were doing dandy, one on top of the other. One baby even yawned...cutest thing ever! While one baby was kicking the other and you could see the poor little one bouncing from the kicks. Kinda funny though!

Their heartbeats were 143 and each were measuring about 10 cm. Exciting stuff.
We don't have another appt until our 20 week and then a week later our "formal" ultrasound, which I am just over the moon about!

Yes my belly is getting bigger. They say that this is when the babies get the growth spurt and just start growing, so this should be fun! I am so excited to look pregnant and not have people (sometime myself included) wonder "if".

Just last night I was sitting on the couch and I think one of the babies kicked me. I have been feeling flutters for about a week or so now, but having not experienced this before, still am not sure what I felt! So, as I was sitting there it was a sudden jab to my right side. It actually scared me cause I didn't know what it was. Then I thought, I bet that was a baby! do it again...yeah right! Oh well, guess there will be plenty of time to enjoy every little kick and jab!

Here are the ultrasound photos that were taken when I feel down the stairs. We didnt get any for 16 weeks, but these are just 3 days before.

Baby is face down

So the head of one baby on the left and then the other baby face up,
more on their side, back to us

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