Thursday, November 5, 2009

Naps, Mood Swings & Bleeding ... Oh my!

Well those seem to be my symptoms thus far. Those and a bit of nausea. All of which I can handle. Poor Dave and the mood swings though. He goes with it and knows it is not worth the argument.
The other day, poor husband of mine, tried to make peace with me. One minute I am crying, telling him to cuddle with me, he walks to me and then I turn and say that I don't want him close to me! Sheesh .... some days I REALLY don't feel like myself. It is definitely a weird feeling!

So I was 11 weeks yesterday. I am soo happy to have made it this far! Only 1 more week and then the world can know. It is just the last little reassurance that I need seeing them 1 more time in the 1st trimester. We have our 12 week appt next Wednesday with the midwife. I am really looking forward to it.

What I didn't look forward to was the 3 hr glucose test. Though I technically "passed" the test I did have one level that was slightly elevated. So I had to speak with a dietitian and she gave me ideas for meals and looks at the carb content. Sounds easy enough to I will do my best! I really need to make a trip to the grocery store now. They will test my glucose again at 24 weeks.

As for the bleeding, it is still there, on and off. I am trying not to panic about it since only appears when I wipe and is usually dark red or brown, which is old blood. It is still a bit panicky just because, duh, you aren't supposed to bleed when you are pregnant! But I will get through this and the babies will be just fine.

I am starting to feel a bit heavier in the stomach. But I won't complain about that just yet, since I know it is going to get alot heavier!! LOL

Here's counting down the days until 2nd trimester!!

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