Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 weeks

So yesterday was our 12 week appointment. Which we get an ultrasound each time since it is easier to see the heartbeats of the babies.

We actually went in on Tuesday because I had passed some rather large clots and well, quite frankly, it freaked me out! So we went in just to check on the babies, which they were fine and dandy all nestled in.

So, back to my appointment with the midwife. She was great. Lots of great information and went over all my test results as well. We chatted about classes to take and breastfeeding books. Strangest moment was when she was giving me the breast exam and said "Are you going to nurse?" I said I was going to try and she replied "Good, cause you have great nipples! They aren't just for decoration, ya know." Too funny!!! Well at least I have good nipples!!! :)

The appointment went well and the babies were moving all around. Doing flips and such! She said I am measuring about 14 weeks, but that is normal for twins.

We talked about her delivering, but I guess if it is twins Kaiser doesnt allow the midwives to deliver. So I am checking into doulas. Hopefully the babies will cooperate and go head down when its time and I can deliver them both naturally (at least that is my hope).

We also did the genetic testing, but won't get results on that until after 16 weeks, when they take an additional blood draw. Mainly just to say informed should we need to research any "issues" that may arise.

My next appointment isnt until Dec. 8th (16 weeks) and then again Jan. 6th. We also have our formal u/s (ultrasound) scheduled for Jan. 12th.

So far so good! And now the whole world knows. Grandparents telling friends, Facebooks status updated, emails sent out. Scary and exciting at the same time. This journey has been so private and just between us for so long it is a bit surreal to "share" it with everyone. But totally worth my opinion!! LOL

It was hard to get some really good shots of the babes, but Ill take what I can get!!

Both babies (twin B left, twin A right)

Twin A (head and body)

Twin B (full body and head)

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  1. Yippee. Congrats again. I am putting you on my blogroll.



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