Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things you take for granted

So when you want to be pregnant as long as I have wanted, you tend to "glorify" the whole process. Now don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful miracle and I am so proud and privileged to have these beautiful babies growing inside of me. I am thankful everyday.
But lets reflect....movies especially show pregnancy as morning sickness, a belly and then BAM the baby is here! People with children or pregnant tend to reflect on their pregnancies, morning sickness, sore breasts, tired. But I think of the little simple things in life that never even crossed my mind about being pregnant. I probably watch too many movies!
Anyway, things that I have taken for granted include:
  • Brushing my teeth without gagging
  • Taking pills without gagging (which then led me to my first {and only} vomiting)
  • Only eating portions like a bird (which can be a good life lesson)
  • When trying to exceed "bird" limit, the feeling of what goes down, must come up
  • The "I have to eat now" feeling or this isn't going to be good
  • Not wanting to eat anything, because everything is gross
  • Being able to sleep on your stomach (I know this is only going to get worse)
  • Going longer than 2 hours with using the bathroom
  • Walking into the grocery store, where smells are in abundance
  • Your stomach feeling like it is getting torn apart as it stretches (and gonna get worse, I know)
  • Not having the energy to wash even just one dish
  • Just not feeling like "yourself" .. this will probably never change now! :)
  • Going to the bathroom and thinking "that's it!? Are you kidding me?! I still feel full!" (which I am, with babies!)
So, I know more pregnancy signs are going to come along and I know some of these are only going to get worse. Nothing above bothers me, and I am happy to endure it. What makes me laugh is most everyone talks of the big things in pregnancy, yet it is the little simple things in life that are the hardest to adjust to sometimes. :)

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