Thursday, October 29, 2009

10 weeks

Well yesterday we made it to the 10 week mark. I thought that bleeding was over with, but this morning I had a bit more. Nothing to be too concerned with, since it looks to be old blood and only when I wipe *tmi sorry*. It is still very nerve wrecking. We have seen the babies 4 times, all with good heartbeats, but I still worry. I know the chance of miscarriage at this point is slim, but I would just like to enjoy the time that I have and not have to think everything I use the bathroom. Oh well, I suppose this is just one tiny worry among the many that I will have a mom.

The thought of twins is still overwhelming at times, but I know God would not have given us anything that we could not handle. My fears at this point mainly consist of :
  • how big am I really going to get?
  • 2 sets of feet,2 sets of hands, 2 bodies, 2 heads all rolling around inside of me...ouch!
  • Will I have enough time to spend with each of them?
  • Will they both feel equally loved?
So I know they are needless worries..but what can I say...I have thought about those things!
Anyway, I made the Dr. take a picture of them, since he got a semi-good shot of them both at the same time. They still look like tiny blobs...but soon enough we will see full human babies....I am convinced! LOL

We go to the Dr. again at 12 weeks. We will be seeing the Nurse Midwife which I am totally excited about. We may just end of staying with her the entire pregnancy. In the meantime, I have lots of information to look into. They also gave me a list of classes and I have already marked the ones that I wish to take. Better be over prepared, right?!!?

Side note: I got lots of blood work done yesterday. Dr. emailed said every thing looked fine....except....I failed my 1 hour glucose! Crap!! So now I have to go back and take the 3 hour! (not)

So without further adieu .... Here my babes!!

* I know, blobs, right?? Well they are still our blobs! Twin A - right, Twin B- left*

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  1. You may not get that big, I only gained 37 lbs with THREE babies. And it wasn't for lack of trying to gain more. They wont hurt each other, but you may be sore from time to time. You WILL make time for both of them and they will both feel loved. The unimportant things will take a backseat for awhile. The house, laundry and dishes will all be there waiting to be cleaned at a later time. :o)



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