Wednesday, November 25, 2009

14 Weeks

Okay so after my paranoid post last week, we ended up seeing the OB on Friday. It was a new OB. Dr. R. We loved her! She was very calm and patient. Answered all of our questions and is at the facility much closer to us. Anyway, she again reassured me that the bleeding is not something that they know the cause exactly. It just happens. She checked my cervix, everything is closed.
Then she even went through my list of concerns and addressed each one. It was great! When it came to the u/s she took her time. Looked all around just to make sure there was no spots for potential bleeding, etc. She said everything looked great. She also spent lots of time looking at the babies, which we, of course, loved! They were jumping all around! I had just happened to mention that we weren't finding out the sexes and she said..."whew I am so glad you told me. I almost just blew it and told you!" Then she had a great smile that said "I know something you don't!" LOL
Anyway, did get some pictures of their little hands. It was amazing how much they had grown. At one point one of the twins actually put both hands up to the was a great moment!
So at the end of the appointment I was very happy and much more comfortable. Now this doctor wasn't taking new patients which bummed me out. But I did email her just to check. She emailed right back, said she was adding us to her panel and that her assistant would be calling with new appt times!! We were so thrilled!! Though she did mention that with twins we may end up seeing the perinatologist (high-risk doctor) since we are having twins and I have glucose intolerance. But in the meantime I am super excited to be with her!
So 14 weeks is here! I cant believe it! Time really does fly. Just goes to show you how fast life in general goes by like a flash of lighting.
Not much has changed. I am getting my energy back and finally starting to feel normal for the entire day. Evenings were tough there for a bit. You know I feel better when the kitchen is clean! LOL I am starting to show a bit, but nothing that anyone who didn't know me would notice. The bleeding is getting lighter and lighter, which I am soo very thankful for. Guess those babies just needed to get a bit bigger. :)
All in all...things are looking good!!
So here are the babies.........

Twin A ... top of head and right arm, hand

Twin B gets a bit more complicated....laying on back, right arm, palm side up, by head. Now the doctor was like, there is the head, eyes, jaw, etc...but I don't see it! LOL The other black blob to the right is Twin A

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