Friday, November 20, 2009

Officially ....

I am in the 2nd trimester!! Yipee! 13 weeks and 2 days today. Though I must say, I thought I would feel a lot "safer" in the pregnancy now. I guess with the bleeding still there it makes me worry and over think everything!! Like, am I "growing" most fluffy women say they don't show until later, but I guess I just figured with twins I would pop out instantly in the 2nd trimester (logically thinking, right!!?!). I want to be able to feel our babies move inside and then have a more secure feeling. I know I am not the only one that has ever felt this way, it can just be overwhelming sometimes. We waited so long for this I just want to "feel" like everything is fine. Also, with twins another one growing more than the other, are they both okay. The threat of losing one or both just tears at me sometimes!! I have seen our babies 5 times, each with perfect little heartbeats. Why is that not enough reassurance for me...sheesh...what a worrier I am!

So, to just provoke my worry a bit more I called the doctor today to make an appointment for next week to check on the bleeding again. I just feel like I need to get looked at again, even if it is nothing.

Other than my worry being drastically out of control, everything else seems to be good and normal. Still take my daily naps. I am feeling worse this past week, but usually at night time. Oh well, Ill take whatever I have to.

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  1. Just to ease your mind, it is less likely for growth issues to occur with fraternal twins because they dont share a placenta. Room can be an issue but I had three and we made it to 34 weeks before Reilly showed signs of non-growth.



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