Monday, September 28, 2009

On the right path

Well, I had another beta drawn on Sept. 24th.

3, 269!! Fantastic!

So our 1st ultrasound is scheduled for Oct. 1st. I am thrilled and nervous all at once. I wonder how many are in there? One healthy baby is good for me! All others are just a blessed bonus! I am sure once the 1st trimester is over I will be a bit more settled and a whole new set of worries will pop up. But until them I am trying to take this pregnancy in 2 weeks increments! LOL

On a not so fun side, I still have to take the suppositories rectally and now have to use Monistat for the yeast infection for the next 7 days. Which is not fun at all since it burns like nobodies business. It sucks! But I will do what I have to do.

I will be 6 weeks on Wednesday. I am happy to have made it past the 5 week mark, since that is when the last pregnancy was lost. I have no symptoms yet except for some nauseous here and there and my breast are a bit sore, but nothing even close to major pain. Though I hear after 6 weeks it all goes downhill, so here's to hoping things stay "calm" ! LOL

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