Monday, September 14, 2009


Well we went in for our 1st beta on Sept. 12th. They dont run those results and wait until the second draw to run them together. We went in for beta #2 on Sept. 14th. We are looking for doubling numbers. Numbers themselves make me a bit nervous. When we were pregnant before my 1st beta was 55, 2nd was 72. Not good, no doubling, so it resulted in a miscarriage. Doctors said that all the progesterone and such should help eliminated a lot of the miscarriage issues. So that is hopeful. I did cheat a bit and take a test, there was a light positive. But I have had that before so I dont trust those stinkin tests. I wanted numbers!!  Anyway,

Beta #1 was 26.1

Beta #2 was 92.1

All great but until I spoke with the nurse I didnt realize how great. The 26.1 worried me a bit. She advised me that when you do an IUI beta #1 is usually done 18 days later. This beta, since it was IVF, was much sooner. So they are looking for anything above 10. So in that case 26.1 is good and since it more than doubled (almost tripled as noted by Dave).. it officially means............................


I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

So now there is beta #3 on Sept 24th, which they look for numbers over 1000 at that point. Then if that goes well..... Ultrasound (u/s) Oct. 1st to see the heartbeat(s)! we are cautious excited and know that each and every moment is God's creation and plan.

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