Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How many???

Well egg retrieval went well. I was nervous. I have to admit!

We got there at 7:30 am. They brought us in, I got into the robe and gave them our IVF cd. They put the IV in and went over paperwork.

Everyone was great! So friendly.

After I emptied my bladder, they escorted me into the operating room, while Dave waited in the hallway on the comfy couch.

As I sat there and the song "the River" played I had to catch my breath. It was overwhelming and I choked back the tears. It was harder than I care to admit not having Dave there by my side. But I just listened to the song, glanced around the room, took a deep breath and knew that I and this operating room were in God's hands.

They gave me the "good stuff" and I was out. I only remember waking up with Dave by my side. Apparently I was crying when Dave came in and he asked why and I just said, "cause you are here". Now there were no witnesses, so its his word! LOL  (but Im pretty sure its the truth)

Dr. G came in to let us know how many follicles he got. He said that he went to one side, cleared it out, then went to the other, and back again and realized there were more in there!! So the total.....

30! Yikes 30 follies...guess the count on Sunday was a bit off !

But of course not all are mature. So as I woke up and they pushed fluids into me we just waited.

Daves count came back.... 20 million and 58% motility...which is great!

Then we got how many mature follies.... 27!!! Holy moly!!

We decided to ICSI (fertilize) all of them and see where it goes.

So now I am home....resting...and Dave is at my every need. Gosh I love him.

Going up the stairs is more than a hop and a skip but I make it up. It is weird to think that the follies are gone but the major pressure is still there. I feel like I have to "carry" my uterus around. And I am sure that me walking around like an old lady hunched over is a site!

So tomorrow morning we should get the report for fertilization and Dr. G said since there are so many it is likely for a Day 5 transfer.

Oh and the best part.... the "drug" guy (anesthesiologist) AND the Dr. G prayed over us after the procedure. It was a wonderful feeling to feel God's presence all around us!

On a side note, while I was on the heart monitor when I was "out", they noticed an irregular heartbeat. So they printed off the chart for me and told me to see my regular doctor. Appt is set for Friday, 9/11. I am hoping it was just a "freak" thing, but better be safe than sorry.

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