Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 long days

So sitting in a reclining position for 3 days is actually a challenge. Who knew it!

We did find out that after the transfer we did have a total of 5 embies to freeze! Wonderful for future little babies! Exciting!

So my 3 days consisted of going to the bathroon, laying on the couch, laying in bed. Yep..thats it.

Oh and lots, lots and lots of TV and movies!! Supernanny, West Side Story, Adventureland, Watchman, International, 17 Again, Bedtime Stories, Bed of Roses, Knowing and anything else that I could find of interest.

It also consisted of naps, eating and my wonderful husband waiting on my hand and foot. I swear he is the best husband ever. I didnt have a lift a finger and was only allowed to sit upright or even stand for no more than 5 minutes. He was very insistant! But since I love him I happily obligiged.

I am glad that stint is over but am anxiously awaiting the results. Saturday is beta blood draw #1. They hold that sample and take another one on Monday. They run them together and see if the numbers increase they way they are supposed to. So the next couple of days I am trying to stay sane, keep busy and not dwell.

This is in God's hands and I know His will be done!

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