Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random things

I know eventually that my memory wont be as good as it is now (for the most part!). So here are some random things about the kids, that I would like to remember. I hope to do this on a more regular basis, because they are changing and growing much faster than I care to acknowledge!

This hat was made from Cotton Blossoms. It didn't have a name. I suggest Sawyer. And so here is the Sawyer hat! 

 Then of course I had to have her make a Libby hat!

 Sawyer LOVES to find the doorstops and make "music" with them.

 He also decided that since he can stand in his crib, it makes for a good teether!

 When we don't feed him he resorts to eating his feet! (Libby does this too but I have yet to get a photo of it!)

This is giraffe. He stays on our changing table. So when diaper changes are happening and someone wants to move around, they play with giraffe instead. So far, it has worked!

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