Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catching Up

This is my catch up post!

The twins had their 2nd High Risk evaluation on 2/9/11. Libby weighed in at 12lbs and Sawyer was 13lbs 12oz.  Small for their age, even adjusted, but to me, so big! They are meeting all their milestones and are even meeting some for their actual age. This is so fantastic! I still called our Alta Regional Program, which offers development services, just to make sure we are in their system should we need anything at a later date.

Both babies are always trying new foods. I try to veer away from the Gerber stuff, but it is just so dang convenient! They like to eat apples, though most of it ends up on the floor, along with cheese cubes! They are partial to fruit, but still like a bit of veggies, mainly squash and carrots. Green beans and peas aren't among the favorites (not sure they are my kids! lol)

They both sleep through the night now, with maybe an odd night here and there. They love their sleep sacks! We have a nightly routine of getting ready at 530, PJs, story time, brushing teeth and then prayers and in bed by 6. Which of course means they wake by 630, but I usually don't get them out of bed until 7ish.  Naps haven't gone so smoothly. We try for a 9am and 1pm nap. Libby is my cat napper at maybe 45 mins worth of sleep. Some days are better than others.

They love to crawl everywhere and explore. Mainly the dogs dishes but we try to remember to put them up before little hands have a chance to make a water mess or eat dog food (but what kid hasn't right!?)
 Sawyer loves toys that make noise and flashing lights. He also loves books and the rainbow rings. I just love it when he sits up all big and just plays. It just amazes me. Libby loves anything she can shake, like rattles and links. She loves the crinkle books too. The kitchen is also a favorite place for them, since I put Tupperware out for them to play with and make noise.

They both wear size 2 diapers. We tried the size 3 but you just aren't there yet. Both are in size 6 months clothing, though depending the the brand can still get away with some 3 month size. You are both tiny, but hey, mommy and daddy aren't exactly basketball players!

I think that is pretty caught up now. I have more about each of them, but I am saving it for my 1 year review.

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