Thursday, March 10, 2011

365 days of Libby

Twin A ... my precious baby girl, Libby Patricia

You have such a sweet soul. Very calm and gentle. You love to "pat" anything, especially mama when you are nursing. Maybe that is Grandma Pat's way of saying she is here "pat, pat, pat". You are a quiet talker and like to whisper to your toys. Then again, you also love to scream your happy screams. Especially when something excites you, which people in general do! You are cautious around new people, but once you feel secure you will flash them a smile. You have 2 teeth. You take your time getting those in. You crawl around the house, at your own pace and take breaks to "smell the flowers". You are my skinny girl, which makes it easier to hold you when we dance around the room, which you love! You laugh and laugh. I love your sweet giggles. When I pretend I am going to tickle you, the anticipation is more exciting for you than the actual tickling! You are starting to actually sit on your knees and try to pull yourself up on mommy. Its adorable. Your hands are so precious to me. So delicate. You are very textile. You love to grab things and shake them to see what sound they make. You can hold your bottle all by yourself and when you are done you like to hold it up and talk with it. You self feed so well. You have figured out the perfect way to maneuver a pea or cheerio just right so it makes it into your mouth. You recently started clapping and it is pure joy to see you sitting there, like a big girl and start clapping. You have brought so much happiness to me, sometimes I think my heart will explode! Thank you Libby, for just being the sweet, delicate, you that I love!

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