Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1st Birthday

So since we are pretty much shut off from the outside world at the moment, the twins 1st birthday (and my birthday) was just grandparents and us. VERY small, but still fun! Their big party will be in May, for their adjusted 1st birthday (also celebrating when they came home from the NICU!)

I made blue and pink cupcakes, which the kids totally loved! You would think that we never feed them the way they devoured those cupcakes. It was a great moment! I also just realized that I probably should have gotten a photo of the 3 of us .. the birthday peeps! Oh well .. next year! For their actual birthday it was just us and my parents and a small little thing, then we had 2 other family members over on Saturday to open gifts and such. The kids actually had 3 days of cupcakes .. they loved every single one! And of course Nelly loved the left overs! LOL

My 1 year olds!

Mirror image .. so amazing!

Libby eating her pink cupcake

Sawyer eating his blue cupcake

And once her hands got dirty .. this is what she did!


2nd day of cupcakes

She really gets into her cupcakes (2nd day)

3rd day of cupcakes!

3rd day of cupcakes!
and of course, all where bath nights! LOL

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