Wednesday, August 26, 2009

U/S #2

So today, Aug. 26th, I had my 2nd u/s

Things were looking good! Lining is a bit thin, so I am going to have to take vaginal suppositories to help that along.

They found 11 follies on each side!! WHOOOO! I am extremely excited about this. My big fear was that nothing would grow and mature.

So as it stands I am taking:

225 iu of Gonal-F (morning)

150 iu of Menopur (night)

Regular batch of vitamins and some other oral meds

Starting tomorrow am 1 dose of Ganirelex (morning)

And tonight the vaginal suppositories (night)

next appt is Saturday. Projected retrival date: 9/2 - 1 week! Wow!

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