Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cycle Day #1

So I was on birth control for 2 month prior to starting our IVF cycle. It was to regulate my period. On July 21st (Happy bday honey) I started what would hopefully be my last period for quite sometime!

We went into get our baseline ultrasound (u/s). Everything looked good. I was to start my meds the next day.

Dave also gave his "information in a cup".  So we could see where we stood.

The next day Dr. G called and confirmed that we, indeed, did need to use a process called ICSI. In lame terms, instead of "nature taking its course in the dish" , Embryolosits would "assist" the little guys by gently placing them into the egg.

This was hard for me to comprehend and I was a bit nervous to tell Dave. Yet, he was relieved. "At least he knew", he said. who is the positive thinker now!

Next step was to take the egg retrival class

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