Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, after being on meds for over a ovaries are ready to go!


Right ovary ... average size 20cm! I have around 11-12 on this side! Wowsa

Left Ovary...average size 18-19! I have around 8-10 on this side! Yikes!

Uterus lining... 9cm! Perfect!

So we are set!! Tonight I took my trigger shot at 830pm. They are called Ovidrel (250mg) and Lupron (2mg). I am mainly naming them because I know one day I may want to look back and "reflect!"

So now we are scheduled to be at the clinic at 730am on Tuesday morning. Egg retrieval day. It is scary and exciting all in one.

This is something we have wanted for so long. And we have great expectations that it will be a great outcome. But of course there is still that part of me that wants to "control". Though I know this is completely up to God. I trust Him with this situation (as I should with everything in life), wholeheartedly.

We get to play music while I am have the retrieval done. I will be under, but subconsciously I know it will be a good thing. I have made a CD, purely of Christian based songs. The CD calms me and allows me to trust, let go, and give God the lead reigns!

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  1. Good luck! I will be thinking of you tomorrow! If you are nervous, dont be. It's a piece of cake!!!




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