Monday, August 31, 2009


Okay just for 'crime and punishment' or knowledge later on, I want to make a list of the medications I took, am taking and vitamins that I swallow!

So from 8/21/09 - 8/29/09 I was taking

Gonal -F in the morning and Menopur at night

On 8/27/09 I added Ganirelix in the morning to trick my mind from ovulating and also added vaginal suppositories to increase my uterus lining

On 8/30/09 I tool my trigger shot of Ovidrel and Lupron at 830pm

Pills I take are:

Metformin for blood sugar levels 2x a day (4 pills total)

At night I take Dexamethasone, 1 low dose asprin (which is on hold for 3 days), 1000 mg prenatal vita, 2000 mg folic acid, 27 mg Iron, 1000 mg calcium, 300 mg fish oil, 1000 mg Vita D

I beleive my last count was 14 pills a day, 3 shots.

Today, was the first day with no shots. It was nice but I have to admit I am feeling very heavy. I cant walk fast and sometimes even laughing hurts since it "bounces" around.

But in the end it will be worth I just take it all in and know it is in God's hands. So I surrender it all to Him.

Crazy as I am..I took pictures of some of the meds! LOL

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