Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time to tell

So, in late June I told my parents what we are going through. I told them the trials and tests we have endured this past year or so. My reason, since I like to keep this as private as possible, there was a class that the clinic we are going to was offering. I felt it was time for my parents, especially my mom, to know a bit more of the depth of things and have a better understanding.

It was tough to tell them. As I am sure it was tough to hear it all. Especially the pregnancy that my mom knew nothing about. Hard to hear all the pain and troubles your child has had to go through, I am sure isnt plesant for any parent.

So mom decided to go to the class with me and Dave. It was nice to get familiar with the clinic and its staff. I am sure it put my mom at ease, as well. It was very informative and I am glad we went. My mom had the chance to ask questions, which I think was really good for her.

It was good to have her there and know she is by our side. (Like I ever had any doubt!)

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