Wednesday, October 21, 2009

8 weeks

Well we had our 8 week u/s on Oct. 16th. I wasn't feeling all that well that morning, but nothing I am complaining about!

We didn't have quite as long a wait this time. As he started the u/s he said "there they are". THEY!!! Twin B was growing and doing great!! We were elated!! Here they are .....

Twin B looks funny in this picture..but I think it is just the back
Then to our glorious surprise, we got to hear the heartbeats of our babies!! It literally brought tears to our eyes!

Twin A 174 bpm
Twin B 185 bpm
We have officially been released to our OB. It is exciting and scary all at once! We have our 10 week u/s with our OB on Oct. 28th. I will still be taking the progesterone shots and the suppositories until the 27th, which again will be another exciting milestone, but also a scary one!

We just pray that God keeps our babies safe and sound and He spends time with them and guides them until they can be placed in our arms in May.

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  1. so amazing how one looks like you and the other looks like Dave. lol



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