Friday, June 11, 2010


March 9th, my 33rd birthday. We have another ultrasound today to check on the cord of baby B. They roll me down to the ultrasound room. Dave sits by my side. We watch intently. Then we see it. Those wavy lines that we see each time are now below the dreaded line they need to be above. I say..its below. The ultrasound tech tells me not to jump to conclusions. But I know my fate.
I sit in the hallway waiting for my nurse, while Dave goes and gets breakfast for us.
They wheel me back and Dave arrives with my hash browns that my mouth is already watering for!
My nurse is entering data into the computer and her phone rings.
"Seriously""Well wow, okay".
Then she looks at me. I simply say,
"It was below the line huh? Its time."
She just nods and says yes. My c-section is scheduled for 5pm. So no hash browns for me. Instead I get an IV started.
A wave of emotions come over me. I just cry and cry. Not only would they have to share a birthday with each other but now their mom too!So many thoughts,
They will be so tiny
Will they be okay
What should I be prepared for
Surgery is scary
The spinal freaks me right out
Needless to say, it was one of the longest days of my life. At around 5pm they wheeled me into the OR. Dave was left with my parents to get suited up.
I had an awesome team and even better spinal guy. He made me feel much better about it.
Though I was still nervous, my nurse Ivanka, was nice enough to let me hold her hands as much as needed!
I'm ready to go. Dave comes in all cute and suited up with camera in hand. And so it begins.
Dr. McKay and her assistant Dr. Zimmerman were fantastic.
They go it to grab baby A...this one is a feisty one.It's A Girl
Now for baby B....this one wants to stay cozy inside, but we know that they are the reason we need to get out!
It's A Boy
One of each. I couldn't stop crying! God's miracles were finally here! They were precious and tiny and total blessings!

Dave..all ready to go! And I am sure a ball of nerves as well!

Twin A: Libby Patricia
2lbs. 8oz. 14in.

Twin B: Sawyer Kelly
2lbs. 1oz. 13in.

One happy Mommy! Happy Birthday to me!

I made it 28 weeks 6 days into my pregnancy, 11 weeks before my due date

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