Friday, October 22, 2010

1st month

So the first month of the twins lives was a bit of a blur. Lots of "rollercoaster" rides, as the NICU so loving calls it. So many terms were thrown at us, so many decisions to be made, papers to sign and tears to cry.
The first couple of days were the scariest. Babies go through what they call a "honeymoon" phase. The twins did good for the first 24 hours. Then they "realize", so to speak, that they are no longer inside of me and kind of forget how to cope. Well, basically because they aren't supposed to have to cope at this point. I had always told Dave that what would make me feel better thoughout my pregnancy was to have a translucant belly so I could watch my babies grow. I guess, in a weird sort of way, I got what I wished for. I got to watch our babies grow inside of the incubator. But it wasnt nearly as cozy as inside of me was for them.
He started out what is called C-pap. A sort of contraption over their head and nose. Sadly, that form of breathing was not enough support for him. So he had to be put on a ventilator called an osicalltor. It breathes in small short breaths for him, which is easier on his very fragile lungs. He has to be sadated on this machine. Im not gonna lie, my son looks scary at this point. He is gray and boney. He also had a collasped lung, which in turn, the doctors had to put in a chest tube to help reinflate his lungs. We are also told that Sawyer has a brain bleed in his cerebellum. At one point we are actually told by his doctor that we may have to make a decision on his care. They are not sure if he will survive or what kind of life he will lead, so we are told to be prepared we may have to make a decision on keeping him alive or not. Ultimately, we know this is God's decision and not ours to make.
Sawyer has lots of issues in that first month. Lung, brain, weight, pooping, heart, blood transfusions, bilirubin levels, lots for us to take in. It took 2 days for them to get a PICC line (an IV that goes to his heart) into him. Thank you nurse Penny! He lost weight and went down to 1lb 9.9oz. at one point. He had to get blood transfusions through his little head, which was terrible to see. On 3/18 Sawyer was able to get off the osicallor and move to the regular ventilator and on 3/27 he moved to the Si-Pap. Even at 19 days old his bili levels were still high so he continues to be under the "blue" lights. He loves being on his stomach and all snuggled in. He eats tiny amounts of my breast milk, 12ml as of 4/1/10. By the end of the first month he weighed 2lbs 15oz, his heart PDA had corrected itself, his infections had past and the best part was the we got to hold him for the first time 1 day shy of his month birthday!
She started out on a easier path than her brother did. She started on a ventiltor but was able to move to the Si-pap by 3/16/10. Her brain scans turned out good. She was able to start feeding on the 15th through a syringe and feeding tube. She also had a PDA that was able to be corrected with medication. She also lost weight but not as much as her brother. On 3/17 she weighed 2lbs 4oz. Just two days after being on Si-pap she was able to move to Vapo-therm, which is just nose prongs with a bit more pressure than a regular nasal cannula. She was able to move to the nasal cannula on 3/23/10. Overall, she is a pretty mellow baby. She doesnt like to have dirty diapers and is a wiggle worm, but so sweet and gentle. Libby also had PICC lines and blood transfusions. We were finally able to dress her when her PICC lines were taken out at the end of the month. By the end of the month she weighed 3lbs 3oz and growing well. A day shy of her 1 month birthday, I was able to recretional nurse her. Basically just set her on my chest and let her explore and smell. It was great to have my baby next to me!
1 month down...

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  1. So glad to get to read about the continuing saga! What little warriors you have - brave and determined. They have come so far and overcome so much!



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